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25 Jan 2021
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Keep Image Aligned with Background 27 Feb 2021 01:06 #112972

Hello!I have a graphic that I am aligning to my background. However, my background (which is a video), then zooms out.When this happens, the graphic is no longer aligned with the background (it is much larger than it should be). I understand that I could manually adjust the graphics' position for each frame but this would take quite awhile and would still not align perfectly.Does anyone know of a tool that aligns graphics to the background? Thank you!

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Keep Image Aligned with Background 28 Feb 2021 04:15 #112983

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Zoom means you want to track in Z space. May want to look at mTracker3D from MotionVFX. And you wouldn't have to keyframe every frame, just the first, the last, then tweak only the frames that need it. I'd do it in Motion myself. More keyframe control.

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