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25 Jan 2021
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Problems downloading my project 07 Mar 2021 01:33 #113159

Hi! So I'm a newbie, haven't done much in fcp before, but today I had to do some very basic editing on a large file. After I was done I researched how to save it to my computer, and found I should choose "master file" with a H.264 video codex for what I want. Well, I did that, but then it wouldn't save to my computer. Like, it said it did, but it wasn't on finder. So I waited a few hours and tried it some more times. This time it did save, however when I click on the file on finder, after a few minutes the video freezes and then everything turns black, even though it shows that the video is still playing. I thought this forum could help me solve this problem... any ideas? Please remember I'm new at this though skdkkds

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Problems downloading my project 07 Mar 2021 15:38 #113176

  • Ben Balser
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What is the codec of the footage you're editing?
Are you verifying in the Background Tasks window that the export is actually finished?
WHERE exactly are you saving it to?
What is the duration of the Project timeline?
What is the file size that you've exported?

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Problems downloading my project 07 Mar 2021 16:38 #113181

  • VidGreg
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Welcome to the forums
I second everything Ben says, + what model and specs is your computer.
Some models have hardware decoding, some use only software for h264. If on an older computer, then Ben's advice to check Background Task monitor to make sure all processes are completed is all the more important. If you get impatient and keep exporting you will overwhelm your Mac.
Also remember that if you keep using the Mac while background tasks are running, the background task will be suspended while you keep editing. This can very significantly increase the time for process completion. Background tasks will not resume until no computer input for 5 seconds(?) then it reloads and starts the background processes again.
You say large file, but how large is large?
The codec and resolution are important as some codecs are very processor intensive and the conversion may task your computer.
You can also use Activity Monitor to check on the process status. AM is a great tool to see resource allocation. If you see all "Memory" being used and large Swap file sizes, this will slow down your computer. Large swap file usage may indicate you need more RAM.
It is also very important to maintain a minimum of 15-25% free space on your drives. FCP needs space to write files. Drives slow way down writing if there is no free space. This is true for both spinning and ssd drives.
Fully shutting down your Mac then re-booting can help and is a simple and quick way to free up resources and clear out caches.

Best of Luck
Hope this Helps, Greg

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