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25 Jan 2021
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move to external hard drive now missing effects 13 Apr 2021 07:06 #113937

Hello! I am not at all well versed in fcp but have played around on it for years for various projects so keep in mind my experience level is...low. Recently it was taking up too much space on my mac so I moved over everything I thought I would need fcp to run onto that. This was stupid, as I thought it'd be as easy as moving over all of my folders/projects/effects etc. All of my old projects show up with no difficulty or missing clips. However, all of my custom effects/transitions are now missing from the fcp browser AND magic bullet. The now missing colorings and transitions are still applied to old clips, however, but are unable to be restored to the effects/transitions browser to apply to new clips. I then moved all of the folders back onto my mac to see if it was as simple as undoing what was done but that didn't seem to work. I also tried localizing the motion templates folder per a youtube tutorial but that also didn't seem to work (if I did it correctly.) With that being said, I realize now these are probably copies of the since deleted original folders and maybe will not work as the originals did with the program. Any advice on how to fix these missing effects and transitions as everything else works fine! But I'd hate to not be able to install any new custom effects or use those already installed.

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move to external hard drive now missing effects 14 Apr 2021 03:44 #113950

  • dgwvideo
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Certain effects and transitions that were created in Apple's Motion can work if you copy them to their respective folders on another Mac, assuming your folders are localized and located in the users' movies folder. Some, however may be coded differently (such as Magic Bullet) and have some program elements located in other directories and folders on the original Mac. For plugins of this type you would need to reinstall them on the second Mac so they register properly and show up in the FCP effects and transitions browsers. Copying those types of plugins directly will not work when moving them to a new computer.
This video shows the correct way to create the various template folders:

It is also critical that you place the correct type of plugin or template into the correct category for them to be visible in the FCP browsers..
Hope this helps.
Creating history....one edit at a time !

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move to external hard drive now missing effects 14 Apr 2021 16:43 #113969

I created a little AppleScript app to create Motion Template folders both at User and System level. It's a 2-click action and you're sure you haven't made any errors ;-)

But thats a minor problem. Since depending on template type and vendor needed parts of templates are stored at different locations – not only in the users motion templates folder.
So make sure you collect and run the installers from the vendors you bought the plugins from.
For the plugins you installed manually it can be complicated.
But you can try my X-Library Check. Mark & Steve had been so kind to make a little video about it yesterday:

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move to external hard drive now missing effects 15 Apr 2021 11:49 #113988

  • joema
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X-Library Check is useful -- thanks, Andreas!

However -- even though that Ripple Training video says "Find Missing Plugins", I think that is only plugins based on Motion templates. Any other type of missing plugin or effect will not be found.

For that reason I still have a High Sierra boot disk just so I can run X-FX Handler. Without that tool it can be difficult to decipher what plugins are missing.

I was just working on a case where a remote editor needed to send a timeline to another remote editor, and they had missing Fx warnings. Ideally the original editor should know every Fx he added on each clip, but often that takes place gradually over time. Sometimes the receiving editor has some of those plugins installed or thinks he has them all but one or two are missing. I had the sending editor send me a library XML, I booted my machine on High Sierra and ran X-FX Handler, and it immediately told us which plugins were missing.

Andreas, I know you can't revise X-FX Handler for newer MacOS versions right now, but I wanted to state again how useful it is.

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