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25 Jan 2021
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Using keyframes with Threshold (and other effects) 16 Jul 2021 16:55 #115466

I seem to be having trouble using keyframes with certain effects. Threshold is one of them. I can add the Threshold effect to a video clip and when I adjust the intensity I see the effect. As soon as I add a keyframe, the intensity setting does nothing. I see the slider moving as I move along the timeline, but I don't see any change to the image. Even if I simply manually adjust the slider (after having placed one or more keyframes), there is no visible effect.

Am I doing something wrong here? I don't have this same problem with, say, the Color Wheel, or things like cropping, with keyframes.

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Using keyframes with Threshold (and other effects) 17 Jul 2021 17:47 #115473

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I just tested this on two different systems, works fine. I'd start by deleting all of the render files for that Library, turn off background rendering.

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