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25 Jan 2021
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FCP effects resolution dependent ? 13 Sep 2017 19:04 #90508

Hi, I have a big video setup for some films. We are talking about 5120 x 1152. Devided into 5 screens. Screen 1, 2, 4,5 is 672w and 1152h, and the center screen is 2064 x 1152. A nice setup. 53m x 12 m high.

I'm doing a Effect for Final Cut, which is basically mattes for each screen, and rigging them for use.
Also I'm having the position of the backdrop/dropzone/clip and scale published. This way I can choose which screen to use, do panning and tilting and scale, inside the selected screens.

This all works nicely, as long as, the clip that gets this effect is at the same resolution as the effects.

Effect is done in 5120 x 2700, (Native RED 5K format).

But some of the clips is 6K, and som in 5K HD (4800 pixels wide). So when I get others resolutions, the effect does not match. The mattes get scaled, according to the different size of the original clip.

So I hade to make a 6K version, basically I scaled up the matte layer to 120% and it worked nicely...

But why is it dependent on the resolution of the clip.

The project itself is 5120x1152, but the effect has to be in native clip resolution. Is this because of the mattes?

How can I make it resolution-independent.

cheers Helge, Norway

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FCP effects resolution dependent ? 05 Oct 2017 08:06 #90959

All of this seems rather convoluted, it would be easier if you'd provide the mentioned template. This way we'll be able to see both what you're trying to achieve and what is causing your problems.
Best of the best.. motionVFX :]

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