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Again, it's Blackmagic Design and their cameras that have got the most column inches at NAB this week. We look at the 4K and Pocket Cinema Cameras, the new Resolve 10 and how they all work with FCPX.

We have first of all to thank Blackmagic Design for taking the time to run through the products again with us. We conducted an interview on Monday right after the Press Conference, but unfortunately we had audio issues which meant what was recorded was unusable. You can here in this interview that radio mics get hit by all the stray RF at the show.

Stuart Ashton from Blackmagic Design takes us on a tour of three products and how they work with Final Cut Pro X.

We start with the new Blackmagic Production Camera 4K

Move on to the amazingly small Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 

And finish up with DaVinci Resolve 10

Some great chat about formats, metadata and how us editors are going to benefit, well apart from when rendering!

More information on Ultra HD here. 



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