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There are many products out there that claim to help you edit faster. For us, nothing helps more than a dedicated keyboard. We have had an Editors Keys FCPX keyboard on review for the last three months.

Jog wheels, iPad apps and gestures. They all sound good, but for us nothing beats the speed of a keyboard and shortcuts. For the last few months we have been lucky to have had an Editors Keys dedicated Final Cut Pro X keyboard to get the brain and muscles trained.

The Editors Keys keyboard is an actual Apple low profile aluminium keyboard that has had the key caps printed with their respective commands from FCPX. The keys are also colour coded depending on their function.

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The keyboard has the traditional USB2 connectors at either end. We use a Magic Mouse when not using a tablet so we rarely plug anything into the keyboard apart from the odd memory stick.

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We have been using dedicated keyboards ever since Avid decided to lable up and colour the first one way back when NLEs were just offline tools. They make the editing process a lot faster as you will get to a point where you don't have to look at the keyboard, but you can still see the colours in your peripheral vision.

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The keyboard did exactly what it said on the tin and also survived three months of being transported around in bags and boxes. The printed keycaps don't look like they are going to wear away easily or pop off. We accidentally bashed our old FCP7 transparent keyboard on a car door in customer's car park. Putting all the key caps back on in the correct place was harder than you would imagine. It was also raining at the time!

Maybe a comment we would make is that the red command keys and the number function keys are a rather dark red which can be slightly difficult to read in a dimly lit edit suite. Also the number keys on the right would be better if they were be labled up for keywording.

The price for the Editors Keys FCPX keyboard is £89.99 which is a shade under the direct competition. The delivery charge of £2.99 for the UK and £4.99 for the rest of the world is considerably less and that makes this keyboard a good buy in comparison.

We can also vouch for Editors Keys' customer service as we have bought other products, all of which arrived the day after the order in the UK.

Our final verdict is if you use FCPX and haven't got a dedicated keyboard or skin overlay, then this makes an excellent addition. There's no doubting that it will make editing quicker and easier. Because the keyboard originated as an Apple item, the quality of the product is exactly the same as a keyboard you would find in an Apple store. When you edit fast, you don't want non-contacts or double key bounces.

We are just hoping they don't ask for it back!


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