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Keep that metal tube on your desktop with this rather ingenious clamp and cable from Maclocks. The New Mac Pro Lock solves that security slot problem.

When you have a portable item sitting on your desk which is probably worth more than some of the cars in the FCP.co office car park, you get slightly nervous leaving it unattended.

We have mentioned before here that the new Mac Pro doesn't have a security slot and we knew it wouldn't be long before third parties stated making solutions. Some of the early attempts have not been very practical, so when this new lock from Maclocks appeared, we were interested as it looked very simple.

Rather than trying to attach itself or wrap around the external 'can' of the Mac Pro, both parts of the New Mac Pro Lock slip in-between the cover and the unit and clamp themselves around the mains cable. This stops the cover being slid off to free the cable and thus liberate the Mac Pro.

maclock macpro 2


We suppose you could attack the mains cable with a scalpel, but that is going to take a lot longer than just unplugging the USB, thunderbolt, ethernet and power cables if there was no lock.

Priced at $89.95 we can see this being very popular at any event that involves the public such as live music shows, theatre or museum installations or just in the office if you don't trust your colleagues, especially that dodgy guy from the post room. The lock will be shipping on February the 25th, so you will just have to do we have been doing up until now - locking it in the cupboard overnight!

maclock macpro 1




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