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upgrading processor macpro 2013

To be honest with you, we got nervous just watching this video. However, should you want to change the processor in the new Mac Pro or just get an idea of what's in the tube, this is a great 12 minute watch.

After the Mac Pro was launched, it didn't take long for it to get stripped down to its parts and the discovery that the processor is socketed. To you and me that means that it's replaceable and upgradable.

Other World Computing has published this video on how to change the processor in a new Mac Pro. We had a good look on the OWC site for possible CPU replacements but couldn't find any. Does the production of this video mean that more powerful processors will be available in the future?

We are not in any rush to update the processor, but the video does show how modular the Mac Pro has been designed, so replacing other components is possible as well. Should you embark on upgrading the CPU when a new, more powerful model gets released, we wish you the best of luck. Not something we will attempt! 




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