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new imac 2014

We got excited when the Apple Store went down, no not an FCPX update, but a new Mac. Apple has released a new entry level iMac.

It has been a funny week for news, not a lot of it for a start, but a lot of expectation. Adobe announced that 'Everything new is new again' which leads us to think that their next update will have a headline of Inception complexity. Amazon has released a new phone that can buy things by pointing at them and of course we are hitting that refresh button on the Mac App Store many more times than we should, waiting for a possible FCPX update.

What we didn't expect was some new hardware from Apple. A budget, entry level iMac with 21.5 inch screen priced at $1,099 is available on the Apple Store (Jobs style pause here) today.

Whilst this new model might not immediately go down on the editor's wish list, it can arrive with FCPX pre-loaded. How it will perform? Not too well according to Geekbench results which highlight bad multicore performance, This seems to have been sacrificed for GPU grunt by using the same low voltage dual core processor that is normally seen in MacBook Airs. We have seen on FCP.co many FCPX editors who use an Air day in day out for editing, so it will be interesting to receive real user experiences on this model. The only option on the Apple website for more speed is the installation of a Fusion drive.

The machine is one of the cheapest ways to edit with FCPX on a desktop, so maybe we will see this model being used in environments where only basic cutting or media management is needed.


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