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offload red giant

A very simple idea. A basic application that can automatically make two copies of your files from a camera card. The demo video made us chuckle.

Offload is a $49 standalone app from Red Giant that makes multiple reliable backups of camera media to a laptop and connected drives for example. 

Red Giant say anything can happen, as they show in this short video. The bird made us laugh.


The application should work with most camera media and versions are available for OS X and Windows. Offload is priced at $49, Bulletproof users can purchase a copy for $29 and Shooter Suite owners get Offload for free. (BulletProof owners will get an email with a coupon code)

"When your work sits on a tiny, plastic camera card, anything can happen, on location or in transit," said Shooter Suite Product Manager Randon Morford. "Too often, shooters discover that their footage has been lost through a corrupted offload process or through damaged hardware. Red Giant Offload eliminates the stress that every filmmaker goes through between shooting and delivery - it gives you the peace of mind that your footage was safely copied with the added benefit of automating an additional backup."

When we are on location, we tend to make a Camera Archive in FCPX and then use that to import the footage from. Using this method, we know if the import is ok then the archive should be too. If you need belt & braces then just copy the archive, but that will show up as a duplicate in the FCPX import window.

This app might make us think again about how we copy daily rushes over as the two copies with checksums on different drives will definitely makes us feel a lot more secure with the knowledge we have everything robustly saved. It will be interesting to see how fast Offload works in comparison to the traditional Camera Archive and copy method in Final Cut Pro X.

It's a simple application, but Red Giant has produced a tutorial video to go with the release. Those watching on a large screen might just catch sight of the author's FCPX libraries!


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