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vimeo down

A frustrating day. We have two stories to publish and yes they both feature Vimeo videos. As the Vimeo webpages are currently down and now embedded videos don't work, we wonder how reliant we are on video hosting sites.

We share Vimeo's pain as we ourselves had an outage over the weekend, but the non-functioning of a service provider of Vimeo's size has huge impact on the video production and software market. It is a given that no internet service will be up for 100% of the time, but this is extemely bad news for companies who only trade online.

So what is the alternative? Hosting on YouTube? Will your stuff get lost amongst the cat videos?

How about hosting the video on your own server? Costly, but you will have total control if you don't mind a no show in the results for the second biggest search engine.

A sensible solution might be with Amazon AWS where you can scale your hosting and bandwidth needs.

Whatever solution, it just highlights how we take the internet for granted. Is YouTube really only seven years old? The first ever YouTube video was uploaded on April 23rd 2005 and features elephants, not cats.

Back to us and obviously there is no point in posting a story that needs a video, without that video. So we will have to wait until the service is back online before carrying on our mission of bringing FCPX news to the world.

Looks like a few services are coming back... 


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