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No it's not the first of April, plugin behemoth GenArts' new venture aims to give consumers access to a cloud based 'looks & VFX package' via their mobile phone or social media websites. Are we on the brink of cat videos with Sapphire?

We haven't heard much from GenArts over the recent months and we thought they might be breaking up Sapphire into bite sized pieces for FCPX. After all if we ran the company that's exactly what we would do to cash in on the FCPX plugin big bang.

We were speculating in the wrong area as GenArts have been working on a cloud based processing service for consumer videos called Vivoom. 

The new website doesn't detail much information, but we guess they are taking all of their image processing knowledge and algorithms and trying to offer them to the general public. An online video Instagram maybe? Will you be able to add Edge Rays to your baby making its first steps and then share the video on Facebook?

We are always keen to try out new things so we have put our email in for the beta.

From the website:

"Video is more powerful than any other medium, but most people aren’t confident that their video looks good enough to share online. Vivoom was created to give people that confidence.

Vivoom's video enhancer empowers you to create amazing video by making two things utterly simple: 1) improving video quality, and 2) giving your videos your own personal style.

Vivoom's mission is to democratize creativity by helping people better express their thoughts, feelings, and experiences through moving images. Finally, a video sharing experience that’s fun and engaging—never intimidating. By combining premium quality and endless style choices, we have created an engaging experience that makes everyone want to share with video again and again."

They are about to announce a partner at the launch so watch this space. 



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