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dale grahn color crumplepop

A new product from Crumplepop, not a plugin this time but a clever tool to sharpen your colour grading skills. They've teamed up with Dale Grahn, the color timer for Steven Spielberg, to develop an iPad app that teaches film color timing principles and techniques.

You might not have heard of Dale Grahn, but you have definitely seen his work. As the colour timer for Spielberg and other directors, he has a pretty impressive list of credits including Saving Private Ryan, Munich, Gladiator, Die Hard and Minority Report to mention just a few.

Colour timing is a film technique where each shot would be matched or graded in the lab to give the right look and ensure consistency between shots and scenes. Of course we are now in the digital world, but Dale has taken his skills and with the help of Crumplepop wrapped them up into a $3.99 iPad app called Dale Grahn Color.

With Dale Grahn Color, you can:

• Learn and practice Dale's techniques.  Can you match the master? See how Dale shaped the image, and then try to re-create the look yourself. Learn to "think color" using the same simple controls that Dale used to create the look of Saving Private Ryan, Gladiator, and dozens of other films.   21 lessons, 3 difficulty levels.

• Try out your new skills on your own photos.  Use the same powerful interface to work with any photo in your iOS photo album.  

• Get instant scoring and stats.  Complete a color challenge with Dale, and immediately find out how you did.  See what you missed, and what devious tricks Dale had up his sleeve.

• Watch 20 exclusive video tutorials with Dale Grahn.  Can't quite figure out how Dale did it?  Look over his shoulder as he describes, step by step, his approach to the image and why he did what he did.  It's an unusual opportunity to watch a craftsman at work.


dale grahn color crumplepop 2


"I wanted to bring all of my film color timing experience to the digital world and start from there," said Dale Grahn. "The digital world gave me tools that I did not have before, and that would have been very useful in fixing many problems that were very hard or impossible with film. I saw them as a blessing.  But the digital tools never gave me reason to change the way I looked at an image.  They did give me, however, more possibilities and more directions to go in. Yet another blessing."


dale grahn color crumplepop 1


"We are honored to be working with Dale Grahn," said Gabriel Cheifetz, co-founder of CrumplePop.  "No matter how sophisticated our digital workflow is, we always hold film to be a medium that's somehow just a bit beyond us.  Working with Dale over the last year has been invigorating, and we look forward to bringing his techniques to the many, many people who are now trying to figure out a good approach to color."

It is not often you can get a lesson from a highly skilled Hollywood technician for the price of a pint of beer and this app  will help a lot of editors understand more about the subtleties of colour grading. 

Maybe the next step might be the exporting of the grades into an FCPX plugin so that they can be used on video. The Dale Grahn Looks package for Final Cut Pro X - you heard it first on FCP.co!

Dale Grahn Color is available for the iPad on the Apple App Store for a launch price of $3.99


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