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Cantemo fcpx

When Apple axed Final Cut Server, it left a void in the digital asset management (DAM) market. Possible replacement company Cantemo has published a sneak video preview on the FCPX and Cantemo Portal workflow.

Cantemo and Cantemo Portal are one of the companies and products we have on our list of things to go and investigate at NAB in April. The DAM product will be of interest to anybody who uses FCPX in an environment where the control of assets over multiple workstations is essential. Licences aren't cheap, so we see Cantemo Portal being used by broadcasters, advertising agencies, large production companies or indeed anywhere where Final Cut Server would or has been deployed.

It all gets a bit complicated as although Cantemo Portal is marketed by Cantemo, there are a whole host of partners who sell, rebadge and write custom apps for use with the DAM. We will avoid using the well worn tagline from a 1970's sitcom, but yes we are confused.

We are interested in the managing of assets with Cantemo Portal and the workflow with FCPX. In the run up to NAB, Cantemo has released this video which shows the DAM working with FCPX in a number of scenarios. The video is silent and also no screen zooms were put into the demo, so we suggest watching it full screen at 1080.


Watching the video and reading the website brings up some interesting points. We like the fact that annotations made in the web browser interface of Cantemo will show up as range based keywords. We are also very interested that this might be one of the easiest ways to get a lot of data on shared storage into FCPX for multiple workstations.

This is their suggested workflow:

Centralised ingest from camera, tape or file.
Tag and extract metadata on a project by project basis
Annotate media for correction and usage in easy to use web-tools
Create rough cut sequences in the web browse
Find and then import material into FCP X or the sequences
Edit and color correct in the NLE
Export with metadata back in to the MAM system
Trigger file movement or archiving with metadata
Change access rights automatically in the MAM to distribute the project to a larger user base.
Archive video and rushes to nearline such as Object Matrix or to tape.

We will be keeping an eye on Cantemo, visiting their stand at NAB and hopefully getting a lot more information on the FCPX workflow from people who know a lot more than we do. We would welcome a detailed article to publish!



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