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As was mentioned on our Forum, April the first is probably not the best day to announce a new product! Red Giant aren't fooling with BulletProof, a new app that aims to bridge 'the gap between camera and editor.'

We knew from press communication that Red Giant were going to unveil a new product at NAB. Now we know it is an application called 'Bulletproof' that structures workflow.

(April 1, 2013) – Red Giant will unveil BulletProof, a new software application for on set footage handling, at NAB 2013 next week in Las Vegas, NV.  Designed for filmmakers, videographers and data wranglers, BulletProof bridges the gap between camera and editor. Full details will be revealed at the show.  

As well as being demoed on the booth, there are two events announced at NAB that will showcase BulletProof. The first is the official unveiling on the Intel booth on Monday (Cue La Roux?) which we cannot attend as it clashes with the Media Motion Ball. The second is a presentation by Stu Maschwitz at the SuperMeet on Tuesday which we will be attending. He will demo the app and talk about the inspiration behind the development of the product.

So what does BulletProof do?

The Red Giant website teases us with five graphics showing the workflow with the app

Offload your files. Select clips from cameras/cards, then import into a catalog with backup.
Organise your files. View the whole catalog and sort clips with folders and playlists.
Review Your Files. Play individual clips to check their colour, quality and consistency.
Edit Color & Metadata. Apply first-pass color adjustments and add metadata.
Deliver Your Files. Queue and export the clips as transcoded project-ready media.
How this relates to Final Cut Pro X we don't know. Maybe it is directed more at other NLEs, especially those that work on a PC. We will of course report our findings next week from Las Vegas.
You can sign up to be part of the Beta on the Red Giant Site. (Scroll down to RHS)

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