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Digital Rebellion have updated their iPad note taking application Cut Notes to version 2. A new look GUI, more features and the ability to sync everything in the cloud.

Hate taking notes against timecode when reviewing a video? Cut Notes from Digital Rebellion is a $12.99 application for the iPad that automatically adds comments in time when watching a video playing on FCPX or Final Cut Pro. (Ahem, and Adobe Premiere Pro, Avid and web browsers too)

It's just been updated to version 2 with a new colour scheme for the GUI, more features and very interestingly, cloud integration using a service called Kollaborate.

Once the timecode feed to the app has been setup, tapping on a notekey will instantly add that comment at the correct timecode. Different sets of notekeys can be set up for different tasks. Manual entry is also catered for with custom comments against an already logged timecode.


When finished, the notes can either be emailed, printed out, uploaded to DropBox or Kollaborate. FCPX and Final Cut Pro 7 users will be able to import a marker list into their applications.

  • Complete interface redesign with a darker skin
  • Notes and buttons can now be viewed in any orientation
  • Notekey Sets - Group buttons into different categories such as Editing, Sound Design, etc.
  • Color coded buttons
  • Simpler note editing - swipe down on the text entry field to edit the last note or tap a note in the Notes view
  • Compound notes - combines multiple notes close together into a single note. This can be disabled in the settings bundle.
  • Rewind and fast forward transport buttons added
  • Redesigned export dialog
  • Kollaborate integration - view your cloud projects, synchronize notes and even sync to the timecode in your web browser
  • Pro Tools sync
  • Adobe Audition sync
  • Final Cut Pro X sync - visit www.digitalrebellion.com/cutnotes to download the plugin
  • Upload marker lists to Dropbox or Kollaborate


Where it gets interesting is the integartion with Kollaborate. What would really help the system would be the option to make Kollaborate a 'Destination' right in FCPX.

"View your cloud projects in the project browser, take notes on playable videos, sync timecode directly to your web browser (Chrome and Safari right now), full remote playback control from the iPad and comments even appear live in your web browser as you create them. Colleagues will be notified of your comments through email and Dashboard alerts.

The Kollaborate sync is very tight. Tap a note to jump to that position in the timeline and all note additions, changes and deletions are displayed live in the browser. This is much tighter integration than we are able to offer with any other application and it gives an example of the new things we're able to do when we don't rely on third parties. This is how we've always wanted sync to work and we're very excited to finally deliver it."



We hope to catch up with Jon from Digital Rebellion at NAB and get a hands on demo.



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