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Yes were are a site about Final Cut Pro, but we have been following the story of Lightworks since it was acquired by EditShare. They promised support for OSX back at IBC 2012 and that's exactly what they've are showing.

Lightworks has has a chequered career. It's been bought and sold, forced to run on overpriced servers and very sadly it was almost put out to pasture before EditShare took it under their wing.

Lightworks is as old as Avid and the Wikipedia page makes for a good read. It still has is a loyal following of film editors, as an example, Oscar winning The King's Speech was edited using Lightworks. We think with the support of EditShare offering the editor as a free download, it really has a bright future. 

So we decided to take a look at Lightworks running on the Mac and although the program still has to go through a couple of stages of beta testing, it was up and running.   


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