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Apple keynote wwdc 2013

Yesterday was a great day as we had a glimpse of the new Mac Pro. It might have stolen the show, but there was plenty of other hardware & software news during the keynote.

We are now in lockdown, which means that there won't be any more news coming out of Moscone West for the next week. All attendees are told that apart from the keynote, everything else is under NDA. The possible exception to this might be the Pixar Mac Pro demo.

Back to the keynote and we really think Apple brought back the wow to the presentation. It will have silenced a lot of critics that jumped on the 'Apple have abandoned the pro user' bandwagon. Well, nearly all as some usual suspects were instantly on Twitter saying that they were unimpressed. For some people, if the new Mac Pro came with a ticket to the Moon piloted by a supermodel of their choice they would still moan.

Make your own mind up, here is the embedded keynote for 2013. The Mac Pro sneak peek starts at around 53:30 when Phil Schiller says 'We are going to do something different.'



Go here if you cannot see the embedded video.

So what else is of interest to us video editors? Mavericks. That is the new name for the next version of the operating system. As you can see below, Apple were running out of big cat names!

Apple sea lion wwdc 2013


Mavericks is due to be released in the fall, or autumn as us Brits would say. Who knows, it may even be released at the same time as the new Mac Pro. Could it be the first hardware & software combination not to run FCP7?

wwdc mavericks hero wave

It has been noted that the 'Hero Wave' desktop background has been posted at a 5120 x 2880 resolution which would be the correct size for a 27" retina display. We can feel our credit cards beginning to buckle already!


So what are the key features of Mavericks?

Finder Tabs to consolidate multiple Finder windows into one.

wwdc mavericks finder tabs


Tags to organise files in multiple locations under a heading in Finder. How cool would a convert Tags into Keywords function be in FCPX?

Multiple Displays Now each screen can have a menu bar and the Dock will be available on whichever screen you are working on. You can also run an app full screen, per screen. So maybe Final Cut Pro X on one and Motion on the other? Of most interest is the ability to convert an HDTV into a fully functional monitor via AirPlay. This will be great for things such as Keynote (the app) presentations or letting a client have a large view of what you are working on!

There are many other features to the new OS and we suggest you take a good read of the Mavericks preview page. We didn't even touch on the de-skueomorphed iOS7, the new lighter, faster, cheaper MacBook Airs or even the new Time Capsule or Airport Extreme.


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