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pegasus2 available

So when you purchase your new Mac Pro and install Final Cut Pro X 10.1, you are going to want some fast Thunderbolt 2 storage to go with it. The new Promise Pegasus 2 RAIDS are available now. A diskless model and the answer to who bought the RED Mac Pro too.

We have been on the hunt for the Thunderbolt 2 Promise Pegasus RAIDs ever since IBC. Since then, the units have had a makeover to match the dark colour of the Mac Pro and a new 8 drive model has been introduced.

Whilst we are on the topic of Mac Pros, this looks like the lucky man who forked out nearly a million dollars for the special RED model that was auctioned recently.

RED macPro FCPco

Picture courtesy of Kevin Abosch. (Maybe Promise should make a limited edition RED Pegasus to go with it!)


Back to the storage and Promise have announced the new range of Pegasus 2 RAIDs as the first (and only at the moment) storage solution designed to work with the new Thunderbolt 2 equipped Mac Pro.

“Pegasus2 is truly one-of-a-kind, as there has never before been a storage solution that offered such an incredible combination of performance, mobility, and simplicity,” said James Lee, CEO, PROMISE Technology. “We are thrilled that Pegasus2 is the first storage solution available with Thunderbolt 2 - this further illustrates PROMISE’s position as a leader in Thunderbolt technology.”

If you can cast your minds back to when Thunderbolt first appeared on Macs, Promise were there with the original RAID units which have proved to be hugely popular. 

The new models have a maximum throughput of 20Gbps when attached to the new Mac Pro. This is slightly confusing as the limiting factor these days are the spinning disks. We have to thank Mac Otakara for publishing this video of the R8 model which was shown at the recent InterBEE 2013 show in Japan.

It shows a write speed of 850MB/s and read at 750 MB/s.


Four models to choose from. (Well five really, but more of that later)

Taken from the US Apple Store:
Promise Pegasus2 R8 32 TB  $4,599.00
Promise Pegasus2 R8 24 TB  $3,599.00
Promise Pegasus2 R6 12 TB  $2,299.00 
Promise Pegasus2 R4 8 TB   $1,499.00
All are available now.

The fifth model is a 'diskless' 4 bay unit. Priced at $699, it's being marketed as the solution to upgrading from your old Mac Pro. Just drop your disks from your old machine into the bays and you will have full access to your data from your old machine. Very clever. No doubt this can then be repurposed in the future once the data has been moved to a new drive.



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