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At the recent Los Angeles Creative Pro User Group, Neil Smith from LumaForge explored the new Mac Pro's speed and its storage options. He also demos the new networking option in town, one that we are getting very excited about.!

If you think Neil looks familiar, you would be right as we posted his recent presentation at the Digital Cinema Society where he talked about the new 100 million dollar movie being cut on Final Cut Pro X.

This time he's back at the recent LACPUG meeting where he's demoing a variety of storage options with the new Mac Pro. We think a lot of people are now familiar with the power of the Mac Pro and what it can do, but that's not the reason why we are posting the video.

About two thirds of the way in, Neil talks about IP over Thunderbolt, or Thunderbolt bridging. It's a new option in Mavericks that we have been exploring and one that we are very excited about. (We have a cool video to post in the future)

So if you are thinking of using more than one Mac networked together sharing the same media, this is a must watch. It also gives us a glimpse into the future when one day, maybe the expensive rack mounted RAIDs, metadata controllers and fibre channel switches might be a thing of the past. Mesh based Thunderbolt storage on the desktop anybody?

As always, a huge thank you to Michael Horton from the LACPUG for publishing the video.




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