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Not all news for the next few days will come out of Amsterdam. Divergent Media has just announced an update to Edit Ready, now it will take MXF media.

Mark Heitke dropped us an email as we were en route to Amsterdam saying that there is a free update to EditReady available.

EditReady is a $49.99 standalone app that quickly converts a QuickTime or (now) MXF file into a format suitable for editing such as Apple ProRes or Avid DNxHD.

One thing we must point out here is that the app will render out an official Apple ProRes file. We have heard of various problems with other converters or apps that produce inferior files that can cause problems in FCPX.

The free 1.1 update for existing customers provides support for MXF media. We could have really done with this feature a few weeks ago as we had a stubborn SxS card that wouldn't load into FCPX, but could be seen by the finder. EditReady could have read the files and converted them into ProRes for us. 

'"Cameras increasingly shoot straight to file based media, and editors need a tool to prepare their footage for post production quickly and easily.  EditReady is the bridge between production and post production. EditReady can easily convert videos from cameras that record to QuickTime and MXF into common mezzanine formats like ProRes or DNxHD, preview footage with LUTs, and even edit metadata. EditReady reduces the headaches of editing and finishing by streamlining workflows and fixing problems before they stall post production.

EditReady is fast and powerful. It takes full advantage of modern Macs with support for hardware accelerated decoding and OpenCL. All this power is distilled into a clean and easy to navigate interface that takes the hard work out of transcoding files.  EditReady keeps users focused on their footage, not their technology.'"

There is a new demo video that concentrates on MXF conversion.


Here is the original video that runs us through EditReady.


Here is the original video that runs us through EditReady.


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