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Alexis Van Hurkman has just released his set of tutorials on the new edition of DaVinci Resolve 11. Over thirteen hours of training and 20% off until October the 8th.

Alexis needs no introduction when it comes to Resolve, he's been testing and demoing the application since Blackmagic acquired the business.

He's taken time from his busy schedule to release a new version of his very popular Colour Grading in DaVinci Resolve tutorials that take into account the version 11 update. This supersedes his 9 and 10 versions.

"For those of you’ve watched previous versions of my training for earlier iterations of Resolve, I’d estimate that this new title is approximately 30% new material, and 70% overlap. However, the comprehensive index makes it easy to jump straight to the information you’re looking for, so whether you’re only interested in new features, or looking to refresh your knowledge of seldom-used features, you can easily focus on the tools you need to learn." Alexis Van Hurkman.

We think every editor should take a good look at Resolve, for three reasons. First of all its film pedigree colour correcting abilities. Secondly the lite version is free to download and thirdly, because of that we can see it getting a fair share of the NLE market. Blackmagic has put a lot of R&D into the app to include the familiar edit features that it now sports. One day, one of your clients will ask you to use it!

Priced at $149 (subject to 20% off using the code CG25 until Oct8th) the colour correcting course comprises of 91 tutorials that add up to thirteen hours of expert advice on subjects such as:

  • Analyze video with DaVinci’s powerful customizable video scopes
  • Automatically grade to a color and white balanced starting point with the new color match palette feature
  • Normalize your footage with professional level primary corrections and apply it to the whole timeline using the group share node feature
  • Make fast corrections with color wheel and slider controls, or make fine tuned adjustments with custom channel, saturation or hue curves
  • Learn how to match and copy grades quickly with a wipe slider window, split screen viewer, or the lightbox view to compare every clip in the project
  • Modify Luma in the YUV, HSL or LAB Color Spaces
  • Focus attention with isolated sharpening and softening
  • Quickly copy specific grade elements between clips using saved stills, memory slots, or versions
  • Save multiple versions directly in the clip to audition different color grades quickly, or save revisions of a grade to refer back to later
  • Powerful Noise reduction features with fine tune control so that image clarity isn’t sacrificed to reduce noise
  • Use Open FX plugin support to add creative effects in addition to grades
  • Learn the differences of grading in RAW formats and how to use the new clip decoder settings
  • Dynamically animate grades using the keyframe editor
  • Learn how to get the best quality effects from 4K footage with sub pixel processing that utilizes the original source file to retain maximum image quality
  • Create extreme looks with unlimited color grading combinations by connecting nodes in parallel and serial combinations

Ripple Training has published a few extracts from the course online so you can see the professional standard of instruction from Alexis.










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