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Quite a refreshing break from the chat about which NLE talks to which NLE. Steenbeck proclaim they're alive and kicking so Rick Young caught up with them at IBC.

We haven't ventured into the world of film editing here at FCP.co. but if we had we would have probably been sitting down at one these, the infamous Steenbeck editing table.

steenbeckSteenbeck have been producing their film edit tables since 1953 for the motion picture industry around the world.  As an example of the impact this company had on editing, the Lightworks shuttle panel was designed to emulate the Steenbeck's quadrant forward & reverse control.

With the huge advances in computer editing technology you would have thought that demand would have wained. It seems however that the tables are still very much in use, they have re-engineered their models, introduced 3 new machines and expanded with a move from Germany to Holland. We also didn't realise that if film is left for a long period, it will shrink and therefore won't fit the sprockets. Not a problem as Steenbeck have a solution should you want to get that old archive film out of the vault!

Rick Young from MacVideo caught up with Harry Janssen from Steenbeck at IBC this year.

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