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***Updated with link to Canon & Red liveblogs***

What a news day today is going to be! Three huge announcements from three large companies, Canon, Red and Avid all have special events planned.

The guys should really compare their diaries before booking dates! The biggest clash is with Canon and Red, although Avid's news is going to struggle in the wave of camera buzz that will dominate blogs, Facebook & Twitter later today.

***Engadget liveblog from Canon event***

***For a liveblog on the Canon and RED event go here***

Let's take a quick look at the three events.


It has been much rumoured that Canon are going to launch a large sensor video camera at Paramount Studios, they've even roped in Martin Scorsese to help out. News should trickle out about 3pm local time.

HDWarrior, our favourite camera website has the predictions below, all we hope is that our expensive L lenses will fit.

"10bit, 4:2:2, CF cards, 50Mbs, EF mount, Super 35mm sensor, HD SDI, Hi Res viewfinder…beyond this we might get a second camera with 4:4:4, 12bit, 100Mbs, PL mount with EF adapter, 4K sensor. Pricing £6500 and £12,000."



After a long wait, Scarlet, the third camera from the RED team will be announced and more importantly, ship. This will happen at about 6pm PST. Will the Canon announcement overshadow the RED news? We will have to see. Take a look at Reduser.net for the latest news.




Our money is on the announcement of a 64bit Media Composer 6, but with Avid struggling to make money at the moment, who knows. They need to focus on only a few products, drop the price and work with every existing peripheral going.

You can watch the Avid webcast as it happens by registering for the event, it happens today 1pm ET 10am PT.

The screengrab below was leaked out a while ago, but we think there's been a bit of Photoshop going on, that dock isn't right. We also came across a short technology preview video for Media Composer 6.


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