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If you need a cool way to present a list of items or events referenced by time, then Timeline 3D from BEEDOCS·might be the answer. The 'Easy Timeline' version now has 75% off.

We first saw Timeline 3D ·back in 2008 and fell in love with the way that the timeline animates through 3D space to the different events. We liked it so much we made over 20 player profiles for the BBC coverage of the Snooker using Timeline 3D to travel down a player's career.

Luckily the BBC still has a copy of one of them on their website,·Stephen Hendry Profile. It's also·a chance to have a listen to a classic Human League track! Another example of Timeline 3D in action is Evan Schectmann's now legendary presentation of FCPX and its history.

The app has come a long way in three years, a lot of features that were not implemented in the version we used such as alpha channel output and automatic video playing of events have now been incorporated. It's very easy to use too, timelines can be built automatically by importing data from a variety of databases from iTunes and iPhoto to Basecamp and RSS Feeds. BEEDOCS have produced this comparison between the versions and it details the automatic data import functions.

There are two versions of the application available. Timeline 3D v3 sells for $65 and can be purchased from the BEEDOCS website.·The lite version or 'Easy Timeline' is available for purchase and download from the Mac App Store and at the moment is being offered at $4.99 instead of the normal price of $19.99. To output video you'll need the more expensive option, but there's a free trial that offers all the functionality apart from publishing.

A lot of bang for your buck, if you wanted to replicate this in Motion or After Effects then you'd need to schedule in quite a few days. Highly recommended.

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