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Two new products from Active Storage under the mMedia banner. The 48TB mRAID for online storage and the 108TB mVault for near-line storage.

Using shared storage with HD material and multiple workstations requires high bandwidth and lots of disk space. If you're making a weekly show for example, you'll also want to keep finished media managed copies close to hand so that the footage can be reused. Unless you have an archiving solution you are going to fill that RAID pretty soon and you'll get the inevitable 'what can we lose' question.

Active Storage have announced mMedia, a complete 'end to end stoage solution for post and broadcast production.' The platform centres around the ActiveSan which we have featured on FCP.co before, mRAID and mVault. 

"mMedia is the platform of the future for broadcast production," said Alex Grossman, founder and president of Active Storage, Inc. "mMedia provides an integrated workflow storage platform with the performance, scalability and configuration flexibility to meet nearly every broadcast and post-production facility's ingest, on-line and near-line archive capability."

Which in our terms means enough disk space for digitising, enough disk space for editing and enough disk space to store copies of things you really want to make sure you keep. 

mRAID is being offered as 48TB of storage in a 3U unit. It builds on the success of the ActiveRAID which was released to fill the market void when Apple cancelled the XServeRAID. 


The 48TB version of mRAID retails for $25,999

Whenever we mention the word 'archiving' to anybody, we get the roll of eyes, nobody wants to do it. Buying extra RAID units is too expensive and unless they are managed they will also fill up too.

mVault is 180TB of near-line storage in a 4U unit that is connected to the system. It can scale to Petabytes of archive. So do all your editing on nice fast uncluttered RAIDs and then archive off masters, media managed projects and anything else you want to keep before freeing up space for editing the next lot of shows.


"With mVault your content will be available nearly instantaneously as you need it," explained Alex Grossman, founder and president of Active Storage, Inc. "Adding mVault to an ActiveSAN network can also provide better performance from the primary on-line volumes by keeping the amount of storage under management to a reasonable amount. We're extremely excited about our first ever dedicated archive storage solution."

The 180TB mVault retails for $69.999

Both of these units are professional high end storage machines and are suited to long term installation in facilities or production companies. You'll need a separate machine room to screen out the noise and air con to keep everything cool. For smaller operations we are hoping for shared storage solutions based on Thunderbolt, remember XSan is now built into Lion. 12TB of storage shared out by cables on a desktop is hopefully not too far away.

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