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Announced at the, erhem, Creative Pro User Group SuperMeet in San Francisco, Scribbeo is a $0.99 app that makes sharing notes and annotations on video easy.

We had this story ready to go after the meeting, but found out that the apps were not yet available on the store. We just did a check and they've passed through the approval, so full steam ahead for collaborating with video on your iOS devices!

Scribbeo is a a cross platform app from Digital Film Tree that allows you to make written, or spoken notes directly onto video clips and images. You can share and expedite these notes in various ways with other Scribbeo users. The most amazing thing? Scribbeo is $0.99, yes just 99 cents.



"Scribbeo™ is an application that puts easy-to-use powerful tools in the hands of users making a variety of content – entertainment, health care – who need to share recorded images, comment or annotate footage with notes, and then distribute the markups through email (HTML or PDF).

Designed and built from the ground up on the iOS platform, Scribbeo™ is a universal application that runs on the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch, and is fully AirPlay and AirPrint compatible."



Scribbeo gives you options based on your preferences and the needs of your project in the workflow of your choice: a) via an iTunes workflow, b) server-based protocol built around your server or c) or a scaled up, full-service, customized enterprise solution for users with special requirements.

The app’s multi-touch, highly intuitive user interface makes sharing video mark-ups a fast and easy process with bank-level security for your privacy and protection. With a simple finger tap, each frame of a video can be commented on by various users. Notes can be typed or voice recorded, and remarks made by other collaborators are automatically displayed in a notes table. For easy tracking purposes, written and voice-recorded notes are stamped with date, time and time code information, as well as the initials of the person making them.



There are three ways of the app working, Local, Network and Live Transcode. The first syncs movies using iTunes. The last two will require Scribbeo Server being installed on your Mac, PC or Linux box, it is a free download.

One user who is already singing Scribbeo's praises is Shane Brennan who uses the app on NCIS Los Angeles to streamline the show's workflow:

"Everyone will find Scribbeo™ useful – the director, producer, studio exec, editor, sound editor, music supervisor, post supervisor. The app itself is very simple to set up and use, and communicating is clearer because I can make mark-ups right on the screen, verbally record notes, type written comments or all three – whichever method conveys my intentions in the best way.”

If you just want to watch dailies without having to burn DVDs or want to collaborate on a video production whilst on the other side of the world, Scribbeo might be the answer. At 99 cents it's worth giving it a try.

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