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This little piece of software was bought to our attention by a post on our very popular Forum that seems to be growing day by day. This free XfcpX app will get your Canon MXF files into Final Cut Pro X.

Not all video cameras work nicely with Final Cut Pro X yet. To help you work out how to get your media into FCPX, Apple have produced this look up list of qualified camcorders and video DSLRs. Not on the list is the Canon XF100 that records an MPEG2 stream wrapped in an MXF container.

So how would you get these files into FCPX? A few various possibilites here. This could be done by ingesting into FCP7 and then importing the files into FCPX (A new version of the plugin in XF Utilities V3 is being distributed with the Canon C300.) Or converting the files using one of the cheap software video converters you keep getting spam and web ads about.

Rune Espensen has gone one stage further and produced a free app called XfcpX. This re-wraps the media into a .mov format so that FCPX can read the files. No actual conversion takes place.


Rune says on the webpage:

"So, is this the Holy Grail? The ultimate tool? Nope. Does it work? Absolutely yes. And it’s fast as well. Oh, and did I mention, NO transcoding. Basically, I am rewrapping the original mpeg2 stream in a .mov container that FCPX will play nice with – after which you can have FCPX transcode it if needed. But you have your original yuv422p/50Mbps footage going straight into the belly of FCPX – yummy yummy ;-) It’s all possible only due to the brilliant work of the guys doing the whole FFmpeg open source project. So yeah, don’t thank me – thank them… they did the hard work; my little utility is simply wrapping it in a nice UI that will enable it to be used in a decent workflow for us happy XF100 owners ;-)"

Our timing on the story isn't great, this has been available for a while and no doubt we are only days away from Canon releasing an ingest plugin for FCPX that will do the job for you directly in the NLE. Until then you will have make do with one of the workarounds or indeed XfcpX.

The app doesn't look completely bug free and as Rune comments himself, he hasn't much time to finess or upgrade the app on a regualr basis, but if it works for you then it's going to save you a lot of time.

Rune also appeaered on the Interactive Tech Show to talk about XfcpX, he appears after a rather lengthy question by the host.


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