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The Conan Editors who took that humorous look at Final Cut Pro X when it was released have had a sneak peak at the new version of Adobe's Premiere Pro. A funny infomercial? You decide.

We saw the links to this video pop up last night and thought we would wait until the morning for viewing. Have to say that although we found that the brilliant·FCPX video·summed up what everybody was feeling, we're puzzled and slightly disappointed about this one.

Is this a piece funded by Adobe? Are the Conan edit team going to move to Premiere Pro? We thought they were an Avid house so why should they be interested in opening FCP7 XML? This one left us saying 'What was the point of that?'

If they had made a video showing us how the video editing in Photoshop could be sent to Premiere for finishing, then we would have been interested. Worth three minutes of you time though, it's had over 10,000 views in 12 hours.

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