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Sorenson has launched Squeeze 8 Pro, the new version can now output ProRes files directly from within Avid. Codec specific add-ons available for existing customers.

We have always said that they key to making money in broadcasting & video production is the ability to reversion or reuse media. With the NLE wars only getting hotter in the run up to NAB, Sorenson's new version of Squeeze might be another tool in becoming platform & timeline independent.

“Sorenson Squeeze Pro underscores Sorenson Media’s absolute commitment to our customers, listening to their needs, and innovating to optimize their workflows,” said Peter Csathy, CEO of Sorenson Media. “We created this new Pro version to address the specific needs of many of our customers, and by combining Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes and Dolby Pro audio with all the other formats Squeeze supports, we've created the highest-quality, most cost-effective, all-in-one solution on the market today. We believe Squeeze 8 Pro is the ultimate workflow optimization and collaboration tool that builds upon Sorenson Media’s longstanding legacy of quality and control. But, we want video professionals to decide for themselves; that’s why we offer free trials.”

Squeeze Pro 8 isn't cheap at $999, so we can't really see the small edit shops or one man band setups forking out a grand when Compressor is so inexpensive. This will appeal to larger organisations who have multiple seats from all the main NLE companies and wish to exchange media between them or output in formats Compressor cannot handle. If you are an exisiting customer then you can select a codec/encoding specific update. The Avid DNxHD, Apple ProRes and Dolby Pro options are all $99 each.

Of course interest to us is the new ProRes option which is Mac OS only.

Apple ProRes Encoding with Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro

Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro enables video professionals on Apple OS X systems to take full advantage of the Apple ProRes family of codecs, including multistream, real-time editing performance and high image quality with reduced bandwidth. Users of Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro can expand their workflow through the capability to export ProRes files for Final Cut Pro editors directly from Avid, or to create Apple ProRes files for Final Cut Pro editors. Squeeze 8 Pro supports the following format variations of Apple ProRes: 4444 (up to 12-bit), 422 (10-bit), 422 HQ (10-bit), 422 LT (10-bit), and 422 Proxy (10-bit).

Avid DNxHD Encoding with Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro

Sorenson Squeeze 8 Pro makes it easier for video pros to produce top-quality SMPTE VC3-compliant video bitstreams, simplifies post-production with quicker edits on mezzanine HD formats with Avid DNxHD, and fosters real-time collaboration across platforms. Professional video workflow is further optimized through the ability to export Avid DNxHD files for Avid® editing systems without owning Avid software. In addition, Squeeze 8 Pro offers full support of all Avid DNxHD® bit resolutions up to 10-bit and frame ranges.

All full list of the formats, codecs, containers and presets for Squeeze can be found on the Sorenson website.

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