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Have you ever had to mock-up a webpage or iPad or iPhone screen to be included in a client video and spent hours recreating the graphics? We came across this awesome pack of graphic templates and thought they were too good not to share.

These templates from Keynotopia were originally designed as an application prototyping tool in Keynote, PowerPoint or Open Office. It's a very quick way to get your app ideas onto a device to step through and explore the functionality using clickable links.

We think they've got great potential for us editors and motion graphic artists as all the hard work of copying the look of an OS or webpage like Facebook has been done for you.

As we said the collection has been built in Keynote, so you'll need to export the graphics out or render a movie to use them in an NLE or Motion. We urge you to take a look at the huge listing of graphics you'll get in the pack. It's a very long webpage, we've only taken a few samples to display below.

Amazing value for $97, we can see uses for the templates from just simply emulating a device or webpage on video, right up to iOS themed graphics throughout an edited production.

Templates Included

  • iPad templates(landscape and portrait)
  • iPhone templates
  • Facebook templates
  • Web 2.0 templates
  • Android (Phone+Tablet) templates
  • Windows Phone templates
  • BlackBerry (Phone+Tablet) templates
  • OS X templates
  • Windows 7 templates
  • User Experience templates






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