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We have seen kinetic text done before, but not with 600 layers in Motion 5! Was Motion up to the task, the details after the break.

Motion expert and long time forum poster Adam Scoffield kindly sent us this example of his work on a rap video called No Regrets. Adam runs Moojoose, a comapny that produces TV commercials, PreRollers, EPK's and anything that requires graphic content from broadcast to web. They are based out of a converted dairy in South London, that's where the name originated.

Adams' been a keen user of Motion for production, his name might be familiar to you from the now defunct Apple ratings system on the old Apple forums. We think he might have snuck up to third behind Mark Spencer and Patrick Sheffield (Whose book How to Cheat at Motion is still available and still relevant)

The video was constructed using up to 600 layers at once to get the desired kinetic text animations. The projects got a bit unresponsive so Adam exported out self contained movies and bought them back in to add the colour shape transitions. Motion blur was turned on up to 22 samples which resulted in a six hour renders for the final result.

Many thanks to Adam for sending this in, we are very keen to publish stories on either Motion of FCPX work here on FCP.co, you can get in touch on our contact page. We just hope we don't crash his server with the traffic.

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