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Another free handy tool from MotionVFX, this time you can change the frame rate of Motion projects.

We love Motion here at FCP.co, however ever since version 1 was released there has been an annoying limitation to using the program, once you set the framerate for the project, you can't change it afterwards.

MotionVFX have released mFPSconverter, a standalone app that can take an existing project or template and make a copy of a project with the new desired framerate. OK, big deal you may say, when are you going to use it? If you have to make versions of programmes with different frame rates then this allows the graphics to be remade so they'll run at the correct speed and remain sharp with no frame blending. Or maybe like us you've made quite a complex template only to realise you set the wrong framerate in the beginning!

We have heard about people doing this by hacking into the XML, but this is a very convenient and quick way of converting projects with a few clicks.

Website says it works with Motion5, not too sure about the other versions.