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MAcbreak motion keyframes

It might be NAB time, but Steve and Mark are still cranking out the tutorials. This week they look at how to copy keyframes in Motion.

Slightly ironic that we post this tutorial today as we had the great pleasure of spending time with Steve and Mark last night at the Motion Media Ball and then the Adobe party afterwards. This morning we were also treated to a great breakfast at The Wynn from Ripple Training with a whole host of great people from the FCP ecosystem.

So no secret that this episode of MacBreak Studio was recorded a while ago back in Petaluma! 

This time Mark Spencer shows Steve Martin how to copy keyframes in Apple's Motion5. If behaviours just won't cut it for an animation then keyframing may be the answer. If so, you'll probably need to be able to know how to copy them too.

Great stuff from the duo and we hope to see them at the SuperMeet tonight.

If you would like to more about Motion, Mark has some excellent tutorials on the Ripple Training website.