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macbreak etch a sketch motion

The guys did it with a Spirograph and now by request they present how to build an Etch A Sketch in Motion5. A lot of giggling going on in this one!

In this week's episode of MacBreak Studio, we stay with Motion 5 and watch Mark Spencer show Steve Martin how to build an Etch A Sketch in Motion.

As you would probably guess from the previous Spirograph episode, it involves a particle emitter that this time is linked to the two control knobs with behaviours. We can't see there being an immediate use for the on-screen toy, but it is a great example of how complex graphics can be built in Motion without using keyframes.

Many thanks to Mark & Steve for the great episode, it's worth watching just to see how excited they get when tinkering around with the project at the end!

What toy should they emulate next?

If you would like to know more about Motion, be sure to check out Motion 5 Fast Forward from Ripple Training.




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