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Hot off the press, or should we say hot out of ScreenFlow, Ripple Training has launched their latest Motion tutorial. Coupon code included!

One of the ways to make your graphics in Motion get that extra professional polish is to compose a scene in 3D and then animate a camera around the objects.

Ripple Training's latest $49 tutorial is called 'Mastering the Camera in Motion 5' and has been designed to get the user up to speed with the camera, its different features and to gain confidence exploring its huge creative capabilities.

"Mastering the Camera in Motion 5 will put you in the director's chair as you set up and deconstruct complex 3D projects, then·framesweepdolly and otherwise create fluid camera movement through your scenes. You'll even learn how to control the camera's angle of view and focal plane to create cinematic·depth of field effects."

The tutorial is priced at $49 dollars, but Steve Martin from Ripple Training has sent us the coupon code 'motion5' which will give a 20% discount on all Motion tutorials until March 31st.

As always we thought we would embed some extracts from the course:

Fit Objects into View

Changing the Camera's Depth of Field

Using the Point at Behavior

Animating the Camera with Keyframes

Adding a Background to a 3D Scene

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