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The boys at MacBreak Studio don't half crack out the tutorials at an impressive rate. This time they take a look at the creative rigging possibilities in Motion.

Another but slightly shorter episode of MacBreak Studio this time. Mark Spencer and Steve Martin take a look at rigging within Motion 5. If you've never tried rigging, it's a way of wrapping up numerous parameters into one control and the flying bird that the guys demonstrate shows the feature off nicely.

You can of course get more complicated, rigs can be rigged. The furthest we've gone is a rig of a rig of a rig and no doubt will be completely baffling to us how it was built when we go back and edit the project later.

Also where did part three of using the camera in Motion go to?

As always thanks to Steve and Mark for another great episode, don't forget to check out their training books for FCPX and Motion.

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