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The tracker in Motion is good, but there are times when it just can't cope with a complex move. In this new episode of Macbreak Studio, the third party planar tracking application Mocha comes to the rescue.

We have done many tracking shots in Motion and most of them have worked fine if it's just matching a simple move. For more complex shots, Motion seems to struggle and if it does match a move, it can introduce a lot of jitter which makes the match stick out like a sore thumb.

For something more complex such as a tricky screen replacement, you'll need a planar tracker like Mocha. In this new episode of MacBreak Studio (Which was recorded before NAB) Mark Spencer and Steve Martin take a look at Mocha from Imagineer Systems that tracks a shot that Motion can't handle.

The AE version of Mocha which also exports to Motion is available from the Imagineer Systems website for $245.

As always thanks to Steve Martin and Mark Spencer, don't forget to check out their training books for FCPX and Motion.

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