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random text motion Macbreak studio

Better late than never. Not even out of timezone communications and the search for a stable wifi connection can stop us publishing this week's MacBreak Studio. It's all about text animations in Motion5.

Motion Timesaver tutorials

If you're a fan of Motion then you are in for a treat. Andy Neil has published some of his full length tutorials on YouTube. This means of course that you get his great in-depth instruction on building graphics for free!

MacBreak particle dance Motion

Maybe this week's episode of MacBreak Studio should be titled 'Making particles dance in Motion with Steve Martin!' A great tutorial showing the power of emitters and behaviours.

Macbreak Studio track points motion

It seems simple to track a point in Motion and attach an object, right? Wrong, it's not as simple as you think and there are many gotchas along the way. Hopefully this MacBreak Studio will save some of the pain encountered when you try to link things together.