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So I work at a public access station and so many people are just confused on what we do or who we are so I made this in Motion to help explain. Created all graphics and shapes and animation 100% in Motion. The bumper at the very beginning is a digital juice template someone did for us that we use as a bumper at the end of all our videos, so that's the one thing I didn't edit or do.

Any feedback would be great! I'm trying to get better at animation and informational videos like this, so I can use all the tips I can get!



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Ahh! That worked! Idk why I was doing Align To. The title made more sense in my mind for some reason, but this is exactly what I needed. Thanks!!!


I created a Motion project in 5.4.5 at my house ,but had to bring it to work to work on and share. Then realized the computer at my work is only on 5.3.2. It won't update any higher because we need to update MacOS to do so, and we can't because we're still working with Adobe Premiere CS6, which will not work on MacOS past Mojave. So there's no way i can update MacOS on this work computer, so I can't update Motion to 5.4

Is there any hope for me?


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So I'm making an animated video, I've got a generic stick figure, and I want him to be doing a Shakespeare play, holding a skull and moving his hand up and down. So I figured I'd use the Align To Behavior and connect it to the arm. I've done that, but the arm is angled, and I'm rotating it on it's anchor point to make it look like it's going up and down. And the skull is angled the same way as the arm. I can't seem to find an easy way to keep the skull attached to the hand and still remain connected to the hand while I rotate the arm, but not have the skill tilting left or right (rotation). I only want the X and Y axis to move. I've attached a video so you can see what I'm talking about.



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Awesome! Thank you so much! That worked! I wonder what the mm focal length of a camera equivalent is to the Degree on that attribute.


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I'm making a 3D animation sequence with a camera, but I kinda want the camera to be a little more of a wide angle instead of the standard angle the camera is in. something equivalent to a 18mm full frame focal length. Is this possible?


So what kind of tweaks do I need to do? Do I need to just make the audio a compound clip and then lift the audio again to get it up to zero?


I'm working on an exercise show, and I made a Multicam clip first. Inside of that, I was going to adjust the audio for the camera that's got my good audio. I added an EQ and a Compressor and got it where I wanted it. Then when I started editing inside the Project, I noticed that while my audio SOUNDED the same from my ears, it was reading different measurements on the EU meter.

Inside the Multicam clip, it peaks at just over -12. Outside the Multicam clip it peaks at just below -12. Here are images to see.

Please let me know why this is? Am I doing something wrong? Or is it a bug? Or is this something I'm just not aware of?


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I'm wanting to create a short promotional video for my wedding business, and i want to show off the Blu-ray case and disc that they'll get at the end, but I want to do it in a 3D environment with the case floating in and rotating.

I did this years ago for DVD's by simply making a 3D environment and adding the front, back, and spine .png files into Motion in a group, and then rotating them and moving them in 3D space to make it look like a box shape.

Are there any plugins or ways to use Motion now that I'd be able to possibly download a 3D Blu-ray case somewhere and animate it in 3D space in Motion?

Here's a sample of what I did years ago. It's at the very end of the video at 3:50

I've just tried to send the whole 30p timeline out to compressor, change the frame rate to 23.98, and set the retiming quality to "Best (Motion Compensated)" and had a horrible result. It tries to blend the frames, which it did in the middle of a cut edit, so i had a ghost image in one frame of the two frames on top of each other being blended together.

I'm at a lost. Idk if i should just edit the footage in a 24p timeline, which seems like it's just a rendering nightmare just dropping clips in, and then having to go clip by clip and changing the Rate Conform to Optical Flow?

I'm going to try doing what you said. Shoot it in 60fps still so i can do slow motion when I want, but edit it in a 24fps timeline so timing is right. However, I wanted to know if i'm still correct in changing the Frame Sampling for each clip NOT doing slow motion, to 'Optical Flow', or if leaving it at 'Floor' or 'nearest neighbor' or 'frame blending' is preferred. Just seems to be hard to playback easily to begin with with 60p dropped down into a 24p timeline, and it seems to take forever for the 'Optical Flow' feature to render out to see what it'll look like.

So I normally shoot my weddings at 60p so I can edit in 30p and choose to have a clip slow motion or not whenever I want. That all works great, and I export and deliver at 30p.

However, I've always wished I could have the look of 24p. So I found out that if I simply drop my 60p footage into a 24p project and choose 'Optical Flow' for the Frame Sampling option on the clip in the Project, it actually looks awesome. However, I edited together a video on a 30p timeline set to a song. When I copy and paste those clips from the 30p project to a 24p project, the timing is now way off from the music (ok not way off, but it's off).

Is there a better way to do this? My thought was to move the clips from the 30p project to a 24p project, and then go clip by clip and changing the Frame Sampling to Optical Flow and let it all render out and it'll look great. But now I've got timing all off with the music. Even the project itself is a whole second shorter with the video clips now.

Is there a way to help get this all straightened out?

I've tried exporting the whole thing to a ProRes file at 30p and bring it back to a 24p project and then do the optical flow option, but when I do that, it sometimes does the optical flow and blends two frames together on a cut, making it look like a one second cross dissolve, and it looks awkward and weird.

Wow, that actually worked perfectly! This is exactly what I needed and SUPER easy! Thanks so much!

I think it was the H.264 files. I made a duplicate project first to test it and it was still locking up. then i made a few of the files into Optimized Media, tested it back on them again once they generated, and it never froze up on them. I guess my computer was just being pushed to the limit doing to much color correction and grading on H.264 files AND having to deal with the comparison view.

I normally do multicam edits without generating optimized media though, and i'll have 3-4 cameras at once and i don't get it locking up on me. It's all 1080p H.264 files too. But then again, when i'm multicam editing, the clips are not having any color correcting and color grading done to them at the time of editing all 3-4 tracks at once.

at least the problem seems to be resolved and i have a better understanding of it now, thanks!

I've got 200GB's available on my SSD start up disk, and I ran First Aid on both my start up disk and my external drive and both came back good. I also deleted all my render files and that didn't work either. I went back into my project and duplicated the project and started working with it with comparison viewer on. Within 1 minute of using it it froze for about 10 seconds. Used it some more and it did it again. Then I took comparison viewer off, color corrected for about 5 minutes with no hiccups. Turn comparison viewer back on and it freezes within 10 seconds.

I guess my only option is to just uninstall and re-install now. Hope that fixes it or that it's a bug of some sort. Or maybe I need to try converting the clips to Optimized media first? Maybe it's having a hard time with all these color corrections on H.264 files and displaying two at once?

I've tried resetting the preference files in FCPX and I've restarted the computer as well. But every time I open up Comparison view on my project and I'm adjusting colors, it locks up every few seconds or so for a few seconds. I've even got Youtube in the background playing videos and they'll freeze up too, so it's the whole computer locking up. sometimes my mouse freezes, sometimes it doesn't but the programs freeze up (not able to make adjustments in FCPX)

FCPX 10.4.6
iMac 21.5 inch Late 2013
macOS Mojave 10.14.5
2.9GHz Intel Core i5
16GB 1600 MHz DDR3
NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M 1 GB
SSD Startup Disk

I'm editing a FCPX project that's located on a external hard drive (7200RPM) Thunderbolt 2 external drive. The footage is all H.264 files.

Would converting them to ProRes (Optimized Media) help? Or is this something else?

I've got a Thunderbolt 2 external HDD 7200rpm that I've been using to save my Library files on with all the footage stored inside the Library.

I've also got a SSD on my iMac.

Should I just be doing all my editing with the Library and files saved onto the SSD on my iMac? Or is it better to keep it all on the Thunderbolt 2 external HDD to edit off of? Or should I be keeping the Library in one place and the footage in another?