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Well, I had already made "real" subtitles in FCPX...then they wanted the font changed and so on, so I recreated them as normal titles in FCPX in the font and size they wanted...now they want them to "pop" a bit more..."Like Facebook videos".

So the plan was to just move in to Motion and create them where they fly in, fade in, sync word for word, etc...just do SOMETHING to add some more pizzaz so I can satisfy them and wrap this thing up! :)

So yes, they are essentially glorified subtitles...in need of something a bit "extra".


A client wants the text of what is said in a video to show up on the screen as people talk...think almost like Karaoke or something I guess?

I was able to get the text to nicely appear with the "Fade Word In" text behavior, but I want to adjust the exact timing of each word fading in to perfectly match the words that are spoken, as it's not always at a constant pace.

I know I could just make each word its own text layer and do it manually but it seems like that will take forever and there must be a way to delay individual words or something?

I've been able to slow it and down and speed it up using the spread controls etc but I feel like there must be a way to "delay" some of the words until a certain point or something so they match up with the speaker?

Any help is appreciated!

Thanks for the reply! I think you're missing what I'm saying, or more likely, I'm not saying it very well, hah.


1. I'm editing along in a new project titled "My New Project" and I decide to make a Snapshot from this project to save this point in time as a backup in case I need to go back to this point in time with everything in the state its currently in. "My New Project - Snapshot" is now created.

2. I don't open "My New Project - Snapshot". I continue working on the original version of the project: "My New Project".

3. I select one of the Multicam clips in the timeline of "My New Project", right click and choose "Reveal in Browser".

It's now taken me to a newly created parent clip version of this multicam clip in the browser: "Multicam Clip 1". This has no ranges, no favorites or rejects that the original Multicam clip has. This is the issue.

I can't see the work I've done favoriting, rejecting, and creating ranges in the LONG multicam clip.

It seems that if I'm in the original project "My New Project" then FCPX should be doing a "Find in Browser" to the original Multicam clip ("Multicam Clip") and not to a new one...If I was to open up the Snapshot and do a "Find In Browser" then that would make sense it would "find" me the new parent one: "Multicam Clip 1".

Am I getting this wrong and I just had inadvertently opened the Snapshot and did the "Find In Browser" from within that timeline somehow, or is this really how it works?

Okay, yeah this all seems to make logical sense with how FCPX will create a new parent clip for the Snapshots (referencing new and unique Multicams, Sync Clips, Compounds, etc) - but only if I were to edit the actual SNAPSHOT OF THE PROJECT itself, not the original project the Snapshot was created from?

I simply created a Snapshot to create a backup in time, didn't touch it, and kept editing the original project - or at least I think I did? Makes no sense that it would create/reveal the "Multicam 1" clips, even though I was editing in the original project only still?

I decided to try a restart...now almost all the multicams are offline...greyed out and unable to even reference back to th finder. I just get an error: "Failed to Reveal Clip".

[File Attachment: ScreenShot2019-07-20at1.20.10PM.png]

Nothing seems to work to get it back recognizing the multicam clips, so I was going to start just looking at the timecode of the greyed out clips and find that back in the browser and reinsert each clip from the multi cams...seems that timecode is somehow a bit off too?

Here is another weird issue...If I double click some of the Multicams to go in to them to edit the angles or audio or whatever, if I click the audio in one of them, it instantly jumps back out to the main timeline...baffled!

Here is a screen capture of what I mean:


Yeah, I actually did Duplicate as Snapshot, as I usually do that to version the project as I'm working...Not sure why it creates a new Multicam instance if I keep working on the original project and not the Snapshot though?

I tried to copy the entire timeline and paste it in a new timeline so it would let me delete the extra instances of the Multicam clips with the "1" attached...They are all appearing to reference the original Multicam clips now, but now if I do a reveal in browser it just gives me a blank..."Nothing Is Selected. Select An Item From Sidebar".

Does simply doing a regular Duplicate also create problems?

I just noticed that it seems to happen when I do a "Reveal In Browser" on the Multicam clip in the timeline...still no idea hwy this is happening.

Each inteview subject's clips, audio, mutlicams, etc are all in their own Event, fyi...

Anyone ever had this happen where suddenly there will be a "Multicam Clip Title 1" when you were originally editing with the original Multicam clip? It's really weird and seems to just create a separate instance of the multicam clip I'm working with?

This 2nd instance of the multicam clip has no ranges, favorites or rejects...it just appears?

It's really annoying, but I've never had this issue in all the year of cutting in FCPX, so maybe its something really obvious that I'm just missing...Any help?


[File Attachment: ScreenShot2019-07-19at5.33.15PM.png]

[File Attachment: ScreenShot2019-07-19at5.33.23PM.png]

Shane replied to the topic 'SmoothZoom Glitching In 2:1 Aspect Ratio Timeline?' in the forum. 2 years ago

fayez.musallam wrote:

did you find a fix for this i have the same issue

Sorry, never found a fix. Just went back to 16:9 and got it out the door and client loved it just the same...

Shane replied to the topic 'SmoothZoom Glitching In 2:1 Aspect Ratio Timeline?' in the forum. 2 years ago

VTCmedia wrote:

Your first pic has a MIRROR effect at the ends (guy butting his own head, door double hinges) whereas the 2nd pic is normal. What's with that? Methinks you've left an effect on by accident as the two frames don't jive.

Nothing was left on...that IS the glitch while in 2:1.

Shane created a new topic ' SmoothZoom Glitching In 2:1 Aspect Ratio Timeline?' in the forum. 2 years ago

So I've been trying to get various SmoothZoom type effects to work properly in a 4K 2:1 aspect ratio timeline, but it seems to be kind of glitching/squeezing the effect in the 2:1 "box" instead of just cropping the 16x9 video clips in the 2:1 frame...I want to do this as I just like the 2:1 aspect ratio.

The video files are in UHD 4K, and I set the timeline resolution to 3840x1920 and it looks great, except for these SmoothZoom transitions...As you can see it gives a kind of caliedescope effect and then once the playhead goes off the transition it snaps back to "normal" looking...whereas with a 16x9 timeline it doesn't make this glitch on the edges and there is no "snap" back to normal at the end of the transition.

Last frame of the SmoothZoom transition:


First frame after the transition:


I've tried different versions of the smooth zoom effect and also tried different Spacial Conform settings, etc...Any ideas on how to get this to work aside from just changing back to the standard 16x9 aspect ratio? Or a specific SmoothZoome type effect that will not get weird with different aspect ratios?


Shane created a new topic ' How Would You Organize This Project?' in the forum. 2 years ago

I have a project to edit that was shot over 3 days of a business conference. It consists of pretty much all b-roll of different things like people at keynotes, people walking around booths, signs, etc.

I'm doing a couple minute highlight video of it all, and theres tons of footage from multiple shooters.

Would you break it out like an Event for each of the three days? All one event? Etc...

There is a lot of the same stuff in each of the days as far as b-roll, so I dont know if it really makes sense to break it in to Events like Day 01 // Day 02 // Day 03 which will have somewhat overlapping keywords within each of them...although I really like the ideal of it being broken down in to more bite size pieces as theres so much footage.

I'm just curious before I get too deep in the weeds with this project organization- what would you do?

Thanks for you opinions.

Shane created a new topic ' Audio Dropping Out In FCPX On Timeline & Export' in the forum. 2 years ago

I just got a new MacBook Pro and I've been having an issue where the audio (interview dialog + music) will just start dropping out on playback...and now it also happens in exported files. This is obviously NOT GOOD...any idea what is going on?

P.S. - This was not happening on my trashcan Mac Pro with the same project on the same RAID.

Thanks for any help!

Can someone confirm if this will work:

Thunderbolt 3 Port On MacBook Pro >> Mini DisplayPort to USB-C Cable >> 27" Thunderbolt Display

I know it wouldn't transfer data, as its not an actual Thunderbolt cable, but I just want to know if it will transmit video signal...?

I want to hook up my 27" Thunderbolt Display to a new MacBook Pro that I have ordered...trying to keep it as simple as possible without going for a big docking station and all that at the moment.

Will this cable work?


Shane replied to the topic 'Upgrading Pegasus R4 - Wont Recognize New Drive Size?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Okay so just in case anyone runs in this in the future just changing the "size" on the partition page does work as far as reclaiming the "free space" section of the drive. Once you do this, the drive will show up as the whole of the available space in the Finder.

Shane replied to the topic 'Upgrading Pegasus R4 - Wont Recognize New Drive Size?' in the forum. 3 years ago

If I select the drive in Disk Utility and click on Partition, it shows me a screen where I can change the partition size, I think...? If I change it to 9TB it shows the pie chart as one partition - I'm thinking this might be correct, but not sure...


[File Attachment: ScreenShot2017-12-06at10.19.44AM.png]

[File Attachment: ScreenShot2017-12-06at10.19.55AM.png]

Shane created a new topic ' Upgrading Pegasus R4 - Wont Recognize New Drive Size?' in the forum. 3 years ago

So I recently bought 4 new 3TB drives to upgrade my Pegasus R4 from 4TB (3TB RAID 5) to 12TB (9TB RAID 5).

I followed along to a couple tutorials online and I replaced each drive, and had Promise Utility rebuild the RAID 5 each time. 4 Drives later, all the data is still on the drive and functional like normal.

Tutorial: eclecticlight.co/2016/02/11/keeping-your...ise-pegasus-r4-raid/

The Promise App shows the drive as 12TB with 9TB Logical Drive. Ok, thats correct...but the problem is the OS X Finder doesn't show the new storage space. It's still just showing 3TB...how can I get my system to recognize the new, larger drives that are now installed so I can utilize the extra space?

I think tis something to do with resizing the disk in Disk Utility, but I don't see any option for that anywhere so if you could, please point me i the right direction.


Shane replied to the topic 'Why Is Audio Louder in Browser vs In Timeline?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Yes, in researching what could be happening over the past day or so I think its probably got to do with that...basically its being split so its going to have less loudness...okay, I more or less get that.

I'm not entirely clear how to compensate for it though...is it destructive to just increase the db to a level where its back to equal to where where the mono file in the browser would be?

Shane replied to the topic 'Why Is Audio Louder in Browser vs In Timeline?' in the forum. 3 years ago

Here is a screen recording of what I mean...fresh Library, added in the audio clip and then you can see the difference between the browser and timeline...