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Lawrence created a new topic ' Clip on the Time line that plays back Black' in the forum. 1 year ago

I have a clip on a number of time lines that works perfectly well on them. But on one time line, whenever I touch it, it turns black. And whenever I play that time line back, it shows up as a black screen.

What cause that?

I've deleted it from the time line and then re-inserted it but same thing happens. Clips from the same library, and shot with the same camera, in sequence all play. But not this one.

Lawrence replied to the topic 'Damaged Library' in the forum. 1 year ago

The solutions seems to be simpler. Because I created lots of libraries when rescuing Events from the corrupt library package, I apparently have to have all the libraries open to enable the time lines to population themselves because they are now calling to assets scattered across many libraries.

It looks like unless the project folder is damaged one can rescue projects from damaged libraries without too much trouble as long as one knows the trick!

Lawrence created a new topic ' Damaged Library' in the forum. 1 year ago


I have a large library that has suddenly refused to open without crashing FCP X. None of the back up files work either.

I saw that one could remove events from the library package and get the library to open. This worked.

I replaced the events and the library will not recognise them.

I have time lines with black and red clips. And also in the browser. I cannot reconnect these as they are not recognised as unlinked files.

I dragged a clip in from an external directory and immediately the blacked out file recognised it but the sound only places in the browser and not on the time line. I tried dragging the clip in to replace the blacked out clip hoping it would maintain the cut but it will only replace it and not maintain the cut.

I tried exporting the XML file for the time line hoping to rebuild it but it will not import again because of a corrupt asset.

What can I do to restore the library so that I can keep my Project files?