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Now Im having a heart attack.

I just looked at the footage on my SD card and it seems even the footage on the SD card, directly from my FS700, all the footage is cropped.

This is makes zero sense. And it seems all of my footage may be ruined. It literally was working fine and then one time when I opened the program, it all looks like this. Could something have happened when ejecting the card reader?

My project is 1080 and my clips are all 1080.

When I set the window to "Fit" or any percentage, the clip is cropped even at 12.5%

See here

When I go to import, even the clips in the import window are cropped, or zoomed in....

See here

How to delete the preferences to make sure the viewer isn't messed up? And I don't think its just the viewer ... This is so confusing and frustrating. I needed to have this piece finished by today.

Im so confused. Opened up FCPX and everything looks cropped or zoomed in. Even in the library clips themselves. I can't tell if I accidentally tried to use a keyboard shortcut and zoomed into everything or cropped everything but it has me on the verge of tears. All of my projects and the clips in them are cropped/zoomed into. I just can't figure it out. Anyone ever had this happen to them?

heres some screenshots to see if you see anything obvious


Any help would be deeply appreciated.