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Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Fade In all Tracks not just video element' in the forum. 15 hours 52 minutes ago

Transitions should effect titles, yet that doesn’t look like a title template but a video clip. How are you creating that title? Aside from that, you can put them all in a Compound Clip.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'alpha not recognised' in the forum. 23 hours 9 minutes ago

If you're not getting alpha out of Motion will all the export settings correct, check the Project setting in the Inspector. Make sure that Background is set to be Transparent. If it's not, the export settings won't help.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Scrolling Word Processor document.' in the forum. 23 hours 10 minutes ago

I'd use the Scrolling title template in the Credits category. Select all the default text, delete, then paste in your own text and format as you wish. Perhaps not paste all the text at once, maybe do it in sections, to match your speaking patterns. Speed is adjusted by the duration of the title clip itself.


Ben Balser created a new topic ' Stream Deck with FCPX?' in the forum. yesterday

I got a Stream Deck to use with an ATEM Mini Pro, but am playing around with an FCPX profile. Is anyone else already using one with FCPX? Would be interested in exchanging notes for configuring, custom icons, etc.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Computer Code animated opening' in the forum. yesterday

You'd create that as a Generator in Motion. But many developers offer it already built.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Play to, and Play from, a marker' in the forum. yesterday

I actually find this much faster and easier than the convoluted legacy play to/from marker operations.


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Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Share with Multiple Settings and custom names' in the forum. 2 days ago

The Finder itself can rename batches of files with some nifty tricks.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Extremly Slow Export' in the forum. 3 days ago

I would not bother to optimize 1080 media at all, only 2.5K+ and even then, depending on the Mac I was using.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Fastest Way to Sort/Sync Multicam Clips?' in the forum. 3 days ago

1, I'd put them all in the same Event, separate by Keyword collections.
2, Select all of one camera, in the Inspector give it a Camera Name and an Angle Name (usually a number).
3, Select all of those clips at one time and make one big Multicam clip.
4, In the Browser, skim that Multicam and make Favorites of the parts you need to use.

There are a million ways to do this, but that's how I do it myelf.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Extremly Slow Export' in the forum. 5 days ago

On your internal drive, how much is used and how much is left as free space?


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Newbie problem' in the forum. 5 days ago

OK, so let me see if I understand. There is part of an image you want to make transition into something else, and leave the rest of the image. Well, duplicate that image on top of itself in the Timeline (Opt-drag).

Use the Draw Mask effect on the top layer to mask out what you want DON'T want to transition.

Apply the transition to that top layer.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Crash after Crash' in the forum. 5 days ago

What motion tracker are you using?

Crashed Thread: 97 com.apple.helium-dominantMotionTracker2-analyzer


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Dissolve problems with Stabilized footage' in the forum. 6 days ago

The cross-dissolve is working on the Compound container, it's not directly affecting the clip inside of it, thus the stabilization is not misguided by the cross-dissolve, so to speak. The Compound container limits effects, alpha channels, etc, to inside the container and not affect anything outside of the container.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'FCPX Crashes, freezes, kernel Panic... All of them' in the forum. 6 days ago

A lot of MotionVFX templates are very intense and can slow you down to a crawl. I use them often, and just put up with it for the quality.


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Auto Reframe for FCP X' in the forum. 7 days ago

So no, you're not an experienced broadcast professional. Public Access? That joke? Really? Leave professional advice to the professionals. Your IT knowledge is full of holes, too. I'm a retired IT engineer, but I'm sure you know more than I do about that, also. Geez, give it up, arc...


Ben Balser replied to the topic 'Re-organizing Library from FCP7?' in the forum. 7 days ago

First of all, nothing you did in 7 will work the same in X. Forget everything you knew about media management from 7, throw that out the window, trash it. NOTHING from 7 translates to X. I've been a trainer for a very long time, and trying to make equivalents between the two, comparisons, never works. Start from scratch, and you'll have an organizational system that works much easier than it ever could in 7. 7 was super limited.

That said, a large project will have several if not many Events. An Event needs to be a major organizational container. Such as B-Roll, or Interviews, or a specific location shoot, or a specific day's shoot.

Keywords are the closest thing you'll get to sub-clips, but are way more flexible and easier to track. Media is manually added to Keyword collections as you chose to add them.

Smart Collections are based on physical characteristics. Media is automatically added to a Smart Collection based on an existing character.

Favorites and Rejected can be used as-is, to label good takes, bad takes, etc. Or you can rename a Favorite selection to whatever word you want. For example, I have a very long clip, 3 different people speak in it. I could range out each person's appearance and make it a keyword collection, but that may be a waste, as these three folks never appear in any other clip anywhere, just this one. In this case, I'd make each range a Favorite. Then rename "Favorite" in the Browser to that person's name.

So make an Event called Selects. Make keyword collections to get your logged clips/subclips, interview names. If you have combinations of those keyword collections you want to put together, use either a Smart Collection (there's a keyword filter) or a Folder. Smart Collection will work automatically, the folder will work manually. Whatever fits your needs.

I can not stress strongly enough to NOT try to organize based on folders and subclips like you did in 7. You will only lose more hair than you have already. Start from scratch, it'll work out so much better. Let the past go, move into today, breath.

You can make Folders to put your collections into, I do this a lot.