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H264 encoding does use the quick sync feature that's build in to the Intel CPU's internal GPU and it is dedicated to encoding/decoding h264 video. Its a chip designed to do just that, faster than a CPU and that's what gives FCPX the speed advantage. The power gadget won't show anything related to this, but istat menus do.

Now, the i9's throttling issue isn't exactly related to the CPU overheating but its due to the VRMs (Voltage Regulator Modules, the parts that feed power to CPU, GPU, RAM etc.) failure to supply enough current to the CPU to sustain max frequency while they also supply current to the GPU.

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Redifer wrote:

I use absolutely zero of those codecs and I still get the warning. They need to let us know EXACTLY what clips or files are affected instead of being vague.
Yes, same here. Week old library, footage shot with FS7 and some stills and video from smartphones and got a warning when I updated the library.
I hope these legacy codecs will still be supported in other NLE when years come buy. I can't afford to lose DNxHD, there is no other way to get something equivalent to Prores from a PC.

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H264 is considered legacy?
Do the Apple guys like to be bashed? What about the older hardware that doesn't play well with HEVC? Do they obsolete it?

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To make sure media you create now will be compatible with future macOS releases, use cameras and media formats supported by Final Cut Pro."
it would be good to mention on the browser what a legacy media really is.

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Solid update. SRT is finally supported and will make my life easier. I was hopping for an improved support for eGPU and maybe clean video out from HDMI but nonetheless this update matures FCPX even more.

I did a little research and found out that the LaCie Rugged RAID 4TB might be the best solution for you. 7200RPM RAID portable HDD, it combines the portability and the performance of both desktop and portable HDD. As for a backup solution, what I do is having one main fast hard drive where I do the editing on and a pair of small portable hard drives where I store the material as a backup.
Hope this helps.

That $50k package mentioned by f-stoppers, more like 6 times that locally, so when folks are using 5-8 year old laptops to edit in 8K, they have to, pure economics, I am sure Tim and the top 2000 salaries at the mothership could not find Africa on a map...
I am sorry, but if you shoot 8K and your pipeline does not support it, then you are just wasting the production's budget. And if you can't afford a system to edit on, then surely you can't afford all the other peripherals that are needed (Drives, Cards, Monitors, GLASS ).It's like renting the Space Shuttle for your daily commute.

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Mojave supports 32bit code, so 32bit apps will continue to run, but it is the last OS X version that does. From next year there will be no 32bit support.

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Maybe it's just bad luck then. I did it on a MacPro and an iMac 5K and never had to do it again.

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No, actually. I’ve done it more than a year ago, upgraded OS and FCPX several times and never had and problems.

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It's quite a well known problem, I've encountered it on my MacPro and also on a fellow filmmaker's iMac, both passing audio to a blackmagic card.

Here you can find the solution, it is quite easy to fix, bear in mind that you need to lower the volume of your speakers because sometimes it makes a very (very) loud noise.

Hope this helps,


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MsJustine wrote:

I just watched the video on 9to5mac about the egpu and I am confused, it works with Resolve, to quote the presenter when discussing the usefulness of the egpu and FCPX, and this is his words: "out of the box the mac will not provide egpu resources to final cut pro, if you run the app on an external display connected to the blackmagic egpu it will not make any difference compute wise-this has been a disappointment to for every final cut pro user who expects the egpu will help put in their workflows"

Is this correct...gee, funds allowed, I was expecting to go out, buy the laptop, buy the egpu, and have boosted egpu support, according to 9to5mac this is not the case...wow if this is the case...not sure what the point of the egpu sold by apple in apple stores is if it does not support the product sold in the store...strange!!
As expected to be honest. Many people said FCPX is not yet optimised for eGPU. So a newer hardware won’t make a difference if the software remains the same. I think 9to5 jumped the gun and did this test a bit too early. Wait until Mojave comes out. And a new FCPX update. Then I guess we can see a difference.

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That is not the issue, the issue is the pro tag...I counted 4x T-bolt 3 ports, is that correct??? I understand the why for certain portable devices a dongle is used...The 15 inch portable computer refreshed mid 2018 is not PRO, the dongles are a stupid idea...
Using the same logic as DONGLES = NOT PRO, I guess I am not pro either for using DONGLES for connecting ESATA hard drives, DISPLAY PORT TO HDMI and THUNDERBOLT TO SDI for broadcast monitoring, on my 2012 cMBP. From 6 years ago. The MBP now follows the design philosophy of the Desktop PC. TB3 ports as PCI-E lanes that enable the use of all the peripherals you need for your work, rather to be confined to the standards of USB protocols. That makes it pro.
I understand that to be a the trillion dollar company, it has to flog a trillion dollars worth of dongles...The lack of expansion options, stuck at a BTO garbage point is not a wise decision, and I will not accept that it was "engineering" that determined the ability to swop out RAM, SSD's and batteries..That was a shareholder decision, if you don't you are fired...Board to Tim Cook...[makes sense...admit that..]
Is there any proof that the shareholders dictate the soldering of all the components on the motherboard? Because it doesn't make any sense. Why pay all the VPs, engineers and designers when the 1000s of shareholders decide by themselves how a product will look and function? BTW Tim Cook is among the biggest shareholders in Apple and as I know he is not stupid enough to fire himself. :)
It looks very impressive, but the real test will only be in a while, throw work at the laptop, a heavy prores conversion from 5K to proxy, an hour of heavy rendering, then how long will the battery last?
It is not wise enough to do heavy tasks while on battery power only, as the battery doesn't provide with enough current the hardware, lowering the performance of the system. Render long sequences only on power for faster and better results.
No fan, how long before the chips fry? We don't know...in fact how long can the mobile device be used on a lap before you seek medical attention for a 4th degree burn???
From this quote I can see you lack the technical knowledge of how a high performance laptop is built and functioning . 2018 MBPs have fans. 2 of them. With asymmetrical design to eliminate excess noise. And also is against common sense to place a laptop on your lap if you don't want to burn your skin.
For example, could the mobile device come in 2 flavours, 1-with the touchbar, and one without? Why was that not a consideration???? Just questions about the decisions in regards the refresh..
No, because they had to design 2 different versions of motherboard, keyboard, chassis and software, and the cost and risk would be too high. And also the cost of developing and fabricating the touchBar has to be repaid from sales, increasing the prices.
if you are a company, and you have a budget, what makes most sense from a financial or a productive point of view? Could you work better with a 27 inch screen and a all in one device, or a 15 inch device hooked up to a screen and a egpu???
Every professional has different needs and way of creating. I know people with 27'' iMacs surrounded by extra monitors inside dark rooms, others with just the iMac. I choose to work only with my 15" laptop most of the times, and sometimes I use it on film sets so I need it mobile. Other times I need an extra display (or 2 or 3) to do specific tasks. There are many different needs and combos for each professional. Luckily Apple makes quite scalable computers that fit all the needs.
The real issue is not actually hardware, in a way it is, it is the rate of cameras in this case, the rate of camera codec development and the slow to catch up of the hardware we use to edit the images captured by the cameras...Work arounds, proxy, and so on...catch up...
Or have the right tools for the right job. No matter you do, don't expect to edit 8K from the MONSTRO on a 13" natively. But you can edit with proxies. That's the magic of modern NLEs. But even relatively old MBPs are quite capable even with the newest codecs. I didn't know back in 2012, when I got a non retina MBP, that I would be able to edit 4K DCI straight from a FS7II on FCPX without a hustle. PCs don't do that.
Not sure why this was the issue, not that long ago, Apple led the industry, firewire and final cut studio, you had options, the software could cope with the rate of change, then nothing, Apple fell behind, this new refresh is a work around to solve some of the issues, but being tethered to an egpu is not a viable solution....
Apple still leads in my opinion, at least in the indie and small studio market. FCPX is the best NLE, the adaptation of TB pushed hardware forward. I believe 90% of the buyers won't need eGPU, at least not straight out of the box. Maybe in the next years, where demands on the hardware will increase, users will be able to hook an eGPU so they can still use their MBPs for even more years. HEY LOOK! UPGRADEABILITY!!!

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FCPX.guru wrote:

Thoughts, comments?
Finally!! I've been waiting for this exact update almost 2 years now. I believe the 6 cores and 32GB RAM will future proof it, I guess even for 8K (using FCPX of course). Coming from a 2012 15" cMBP I will get a fully loaded but with 1TB SSD and start learning how to seriously using Resolve for color grading as well. I don't care what the general public says about the price, it is a money making machine and I saved enough these last 15 months to be ready.

As for logic, Apple has none, why did it one fine day redline Final Cut Studio 3? Just like that, 7.0.3 and that was the end of that? Why is Apple running parallel beta programs for HS and Mojave? Why not redline HS and focus on Mojave???

Apple didn't redline FCP 7 one fine day, it just ceased development when FCPX was released. FCP7 was redlined last year, 9 years after the latest release, when macOS 10.13 rolled out to the public. The simple reason of ceasing development was the change in architecture in OSX and the jump from 32/64bit OS to pure 64bit. There was no reason (financial or practical) to continue developing or even rewriting FCP 7 as a 64bit program, an ageing 32bit app with code as old as from 2000 and created for 32 bit Operating Systems, to utilise the latest tech in a 64Bit OS from 2011, when they already decided to reinvent FCP as FCPX. " In the time since developing the original Final Cut Pro, computers had once again made huge improvements in processor and hard disk speed. This, combined with the limitations of the old code that was the basis of Final Cut Pro, plus Randy's own insights as to how people were using video editing software, inspired him to give Final Cut Pro a reboot.
"Randy told me, “One of my biggest goals in the software I worked on was always to reduce the amount of time spent in the mechanics of editing, allowing editors to concentrate on telling their stories.” The rebuild aimed to achieve this goal through the introduction of skimming (which made its original debut in iMovie ’08), simplified media management, background rendering, the creation of the magnetic timeline, and many other features that deviated greatly from the norm of NLEs. Implementing all of these new features and designing them to work on modern computing architecture meant that FCP had to be rebuilt from the ground up. Randy got to work and thus FCP X was born."

High Sierra will be redlined after Mojave comes out. But right now, 10.13 is still the latest macOS release and Mojave is not even publicly released as a beta yet. There is always a last minor update before the roll out of a new major update of macOS.
given the relationship between Apple and Adobe, you cannot miss the obvious relationship, you work on project A, why not on project B? Why maintain something a 3rd party has the funds/talent and desire to? Tim Crook is in the business of business..Hell if I was Tim, it is a no brainer, in fact it might be contrary to his contract if he does not kill of pro apps, given how well Adobe is coding..
The only obvious relationship between Apple and Adobe is the business side. Adobe is a customer of Apple, not a partner. It uses macOS as a foundation for their apps (Premier, Photoshop, After Effects, etc) to run and for people to buy them, or more accurately, to rent them, something that Apple and BlackMagic Design are well aware that people are not too happy about this, as we can see from the former keeping their price tags low on the Pro apps, and the later matching them (Studio version of Davinci Resolve is the same price as FCPX now). Adobe doesn't code as well as Apple because it does not have the same funds as Apple to design a NLE for macOS on the same level of optimisation as FCP, because Adobe releases multi-platform apps and have to devide resources to have all of them on the same page in all platforms (macOS, Windows, iOS, Android) and this reduces the performance output of these programs. Premiere is notorious for how unoptimised and slow it is when running on macOS compared to FCPX, and how buggy it is. Even hardcore Premier users I know, that used to swear on the superiority of Premiere and bashing FCPX as a toy that playbacks .R3D :P , now are sick and tired of how old and slow Premiere has become and some are even jumping in the FCPX wagon. And as for Tim Cook and why he does not pull the plug fo the Pro Apps and handing them over to 3rd party developers? Well because he knows how to do business. I mean why give to an antagonist the opportunity to be a sole player in the low and midrange NLE market, when your own NLE sells 500.000 copies only in the last year and increasing ( 2.000.000 in April 2017 9to5mac.com/2017/04/26/final-cut-pro-x-sales/ and 2.500.000 in April 2018 www.apple.com/ca/newsroom/2018/04/final-...d-closed-captioning/ ) and drives the purchase of new hardware as well.
Adobe Project Rush looks like iMovie with one major benefit, which still can't believe Apple isn't able to pull this off with there knowledge and infrastructure .
"Access projects from any device and continue editing" This is actually pretty big.
It's a great idea t be able to edit from anywhere but I wonder how is Apple going to face the problem of storage. How are we going to access files through an iPad Pro that are stored in RAIDs and are in the amounts of terabytes? Or edit from a remote place with no or slow access to the internet?

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Is there any logical reason why Apple will pull FCPX's plug and hand it over to Adobe? Or is this a recycled conspiracy theory from last week?

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Yes, imagine the possibilities of Canon DSLRs shooting RAW video with the help of Magic Lantern and then converting it to ProRes RAW, preserving most of the latitude of the files.

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