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Robbi Stevens created a new topic ' Sourcing an animator' in the forum. 1 year ago

RAaW London are staging a new play called The Chaos Theory at The Vaults Theatre, and we are looking for an animator to create animation to be screened on LED screens in the set throughout the play.

The Look


The layers, colouring, movement, grungy feel


0.08 – The flickering not clear feel

0.13 – going from a clear image to cracked

0.17 – one image then other images on top

0.29 – going from normal to over exposed and moving forward

0.33 – creation of dept moving towards you

0.35 – slow mo and particles moving

0.37 - scratchy screen


0.40: If there is colour it is still dark and grungy like this

The synopsis

RAaW London is a professional film and theatre company with a well-established training arm.

We are producing a new play called The Chaos Theory, raising awareness and provoking a response about the cycle of destructive and unhealthy behaviour surrounding domestic violence, sexual assault poverty and drug addiction. We are building relationships with NGO’s in these fields and are committed to producing a thought-provoking examination into what drives these human behaviours embedded in our community. The play also looks at going back and changing past events begging the question what if?

"How many times have we fantasised about being able to turn back the clock, unsay what was said, erase our mistakes?

The Chaos Theory examines what might happen if those wishes could actually come true...

Set in the dark underbelly of London - The Chaos Theory follows three very different women's stories and and what happens when they are given a second chance, but everything is not as it seems.....


There is a set fee to be agreed upon before each piece of work

If you are interested please email Robbi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or phone 0208 257 6477. Please also check us out at www.raawlondon.com