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Create your own Final Cut Pro X text frame with...

? wrapping text frame
? editable padding
? rounded corners that are adjustable
? even make lists!

Check it out - bit.ly/text-frame - and learn how to make it in Apple Motion ( or just download the plugin for free )


In this Apple Motion Tutorial you will learn how to create your own editable type plugin for Final Cut Pro X with a wrapping text frame, editable border, rounded corners and much more! If you don't have time to create the plugin I have dropped a link to the plugin below.



There are a lot of options out there for creating split screens.

Even I have done a demo showing how to create a simple split-screen plugin in Motion! SPLITZ from BretFX is definitely worth a look though and in this tutorial & review we look at how to use a number of different features of this awesome plugin!

www.youtube.com/watch?v=PTGyXJSvOxA "


I just dropped a new tutorial that shows how to export out a 15 second instagram story from Final Cut Pro X.


It got me interested in the reasons people might have for editing their stories in FCPX rather than just recording video in the app. Do you do both?


Benjamin Halsall created a new topic ' Do you use type styles in FCPX?' in the forum. 2 months ago

I've been doing some projects recently where keeping font, font size, weight & colour consistent has been really important this past few days. I'm interested to know if others are using these tools in Final Cut Pro X... I created a quick tutorial that shows how to add new styles & delete existing styles.

Here it is:

Would love to know if there is anything you would add when working with styles in Final Cut Pro X?


Got suggestion to add? I'd love to hear them below ?



Benjamin Halsall created a new topic ' I CAN'T MOVE/REMOVE MY AUDIO in Final Cut Pro X' in the forum. 2 months ago


In this quick timeline tip we look at some essential tips for moving or removing clips on the main timeline when you are working in Final Cut Pro X.

This often pops up when editors are moving from the Premiere Pro or Avid track based systems to Final Cut Pro X's magnetic timeline that is based around a single main storyline with connected storylines.



In this series of videos on adding animated data and infographics to your Final Cut Pro X timeline we will look at a variety of ways to visualise data using both free methods as well as a tour of some awesome plugins from FxFactory.

In this first video we look at how to add an animated graph into Final Cut Pro X or iMovie. This method used only the software that comes installed on your Mac for iMovie users and then in Final Cut Pro X we look at how to add advanced colour correction and animation to make professional looking videos.

This technique is ideal of realtors, those displaying data in a video presentation as well as a wide range of other professional uses.

If you enjoy these Final Cut Pro X tutorials then please leave a comment below or a suggestion for the next video.


INSPIRATIONAL QUOTE ANIMATION in Final Cut Pro X [+create square video format]


In this tutorial we will be using the mQuotes plugin alongside some smart Final Cut Pro X skills to create an inspiration quote animation aimed for posting on social media platforms like Instagram & Facebook. Animating your instagram posts can really improve the engagement of visitors to your stream and help you to build an audience.

You will also learn how to create the square video format for Instagram and Facebook as well as how to transfer quickly from your computer to your phone so you can share your creations.



In this very quick tip we look at how to fix a common issue when your camera's white balance is set for indoor lighting. You will often get a blue glow around the windows in the room you are videoing indoors.


SLICED VIDEO EFFECT + GRADIENT in Final Cut Pro X [Mask & Animate]



CREATE AWESOME MOTION GRAPHIC EFFECTS right inside Final Cut Pro X. In this video we work with the Cineflare Gradient Plugin alongside some of my favourite built in effects and animation tools.



Create this awesome animated cut, slash, sliced text or title inside Final Cut Pro X, no plugins needed.



In this first of two videos we look at how to make an animated type block in Final Cut Pro X. You will learn how to keyframe and animate graphics and type without any external plugins. This is great if you want to keep all your work right inside Final Cut Pro X and if you don't have the budget for plugins.

In the second video we look at how to do the same effect but by creating your own custom plugin in Apple Motion. This is a simple and fun way to begin to learn, refine and create your own plugins right inside Apple Motion.