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Wow. I can’t begin to put into words how thankful I am for that incredible response. Your advice saved the day. The multi-library nightmare has been consolidated and everything was restored and is now running beautifully. I also bought the biggest, best UPS I could afford. #neveragain

The only thing I can’t seem to find Information on are transfer events. I’m assuming a transfer event is just a new event you have designated only for the project(s) you want to transfer, or are they a special type of event? I tried to find information on that but couldn’t find anything documented.

Thanks again. I’m so grateful.

Hi everyone. This is the first time I've posted here but I've been reading a lot and ya'll have saved me a lot of pain and suffering as I transition from 10 years of Premiere & Avid to FCPX. Love this program but I still have a lot to learn, especially media management.

I have been brought on to a documentary project that's being cut in FCPX. The project consists of 6 libraries, with tons of assets in each. Unfortunately, it seems, the editorial team has been moving Multicam sequences, compound clips, etc... into different libraries, copying the media from one library to the other. As a result, it seems all these libraries are referencing each other.

So I find myself working remotely in a less-than-ideal situation and the power goes out. Shuts down the footage drive, the separate SSD on which all of the libraries live and the Mac Pro I was editing on.

Once the power came back I was greeted with a warning that one of my libraries was corrupted. So I tried to open it from a backup but all **** has broken loose. Lots of missing files, spinning wheel of death, etc... on top of that, no matter what library I open they're all giving me the same warning (because they're all referencing each other)

I spoke to Apple support for two hours and all that got me was a stern talking-to about what I should have done instead.

So... my two questions are:

What can I do to fix this?
Once I fix it, what should I do to this entire project in order for this to never happen again? Do I need to consolidate all the libraries into one and make each library's contents its own event? Or is it OK to work with multiple libraries? And if so, what's the best way to work with multiple libraries?

Lastly, I apologize if this has been asked before. I tried to do my due diligence and study everything I could get my hands on but I couldn't find anything that addressed my particular situation.



I'm in the middle of a nightmare scenario. I have been given a project in the middle. It has several multicam clips, lots of media, and the project has been broken up into several libraries. They're all referencing each other, so, in the event one of them goes down they all go down. I want to propose that we streamline the project so that we aren't sitting on a time bomb. Does anyone have any recommendations for how I should go about doing it?

2 editors. Not on shared storage. Each editor has 2 drives for the project (1 for media. 1 SSD for libraries)

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I've been a Premiere/Avid guy for 10 years but recently switched to FCPX and love it. I just need to get a crash course in FCPX data management and libraries because it still feels really foreign to me. Thanks everyone! This is a great forum that has saved me many times over the last month.