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Adam Smith created a new topic ' Cannot export out of FCPX, stops at 91% for all exports' in the forum. 10 months ago

Been working on this project for nearly 2 months. 17 different videos. Each of the 17 videos has its own Library/Event settings and locations.

Exporting directly out of FCPX using Sharing. I've exported over 50 videos before having the issues of exporting. Plenty of hard drive space. Loads of memory. All stats are below. The exports all stop at 91%. It doesn't matter which ones I am trying to export now, they all stop at 91%. I then have to cancel them; and also restart FCPX as the progress circle above is frozen at the 91%.

With a few good results I have been able to export 2 additional videos by first deleting ALL the Render Files within the Generated Library Files within the Library, as well as deleting ALL the Render Files within the Generated Event Files. Sometimes afterwards however the timeline will not render. So will need to restart the computer. I am starting to hit a wall here and am really baffled as to how I will troubleshoot moving forward.

I also tried using Compressor but Compressor also did not move forward.

All of this seemed to have started to occur after receiving 3 png files and a jpg to include in one of the timelines.

Sharing Master File
H264 Better Quality
FCPX 10.4.6
Mojave 10.14.6
64GB Memory